Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 3, 2008

I love you dd-wrt! You are my hero and you should punish linksys for their failures. open source project has worked flawlessly with no lockups or problems so far. Performance is much better and the features are amazing. I will be overwriting all of my Linksys boxes with dd-wrt ISO to solve these issues. Please donate to these guys and help them out, as Linksys isn’t able to do the job anymore. I hope and encourage dd-wrt to start selling and manufacturing these boxes themselves.

A year I waited for an update for my crashing and locking up router from linksys! I’m done waitting I will no long use linksys ISO anywhere!

I have a business $350 linksys gigabyte router that has to be rebooted by hand every time you change any settings or nothing works. It locks up weekly no matter what. WRVS4400N They say this product is for Business I say they are full of it! I can’t even use it on my local network without lockups.

I have a personal $250 linksys gigabyte router that has to be rebooted by hand 3 to 4 times a week because the Xbox live and VoIP ports lockup. Wireless stops working… check my posts below. WRT350N

Both of these were bought new out of the box with these problems, this is not a hardware issue as Linksys website and forums are filled with complaints and problems with the Linksys IOS (Internet Operating System)

Linksys has made my worst company list. Worst product list.

ww-drt has made me happy and solved by network problems for free while providing me an excap from the graps of oversized poor corporations that can’t do any one thing great. As a consumer and IT consultant for 15 years I’m done with linksys poor support and products. Linksys and d-link are both at the bottom of the list.

Please donate to dd-wrt at 

I bet you’ll need them someday if things keep going the way they are!



  1. I 100% agree with the above post. I purchased a “business” WRVS4400N about 20 months ago and have had nothings but problems. Whenever I try to configure a static IP… it crashes. Whenever I try to configure firewall ports… it crashes. I don’t even bother with anything advanced. I use routing in my environment. The Linksys RIP table never times out, so it’s full of stale route entries.

    Piece of rubbish. I will never buy another Linksys device, unless it’s 2nd-hand and I stick dd-wrt on it!

  2. You know I have had NO problems with MY routers (35 of them) currently all WRVS4400N ‘s. The version two (2) is the best. It allows FOUR VLANS/WLANS !! There WAS an initial minor bug which precluded satisfactory PCI compliance testing. HOWEVER, Linksys set their engineers to work immediately for me to come up with a fix ( (1.3 FW). It worked first time. The engineers were fantastic, and had the fix for me within ONE day! I personally beta tested it, then deployed it to all our locations. No problems – over a year now!. Linksys is GREAT. Come on, be fair….

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