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  1. My HTC incredible updated to Android 2.3.4 a couple of weeks ago and the phone will now no longer mount as a hard drive when connected to the PC via USB. The option to do so is available on the phone. The drives just do not mount.

    I can briefly get the drives (phone and SD card) to appear in Windows Explorer when I switch the phone back and forth between debug mode and standard mode, but only for a half-second or so, then they disappear.

    This behaves like a driver issue, but I don’t know if it is on the phone or the PC… and I don’t know how to resolve.

    In addition, Verizon V CAST Media Manager got installed on my PC, but I am unable to uninstall it as it does not appear in the Add/Remove programs box in Control Panel. It is also not showing in the list of drivers in Device Manager on my my.

    Can you point me in the right direction on all of this? I need to get the phone to mount as a drive. Help! Thanks.

  2. Very interesting subject, thanks for posting.

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