Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 3, 2008

Tucows and resellers voted worst online domain register by me ever! is one of the worst domain register resellers I’ve ever seen. They are a reseller for Tucows which isn’t any better. Be warned if your reseller fails, website is down or goes out of business you will only be able to email compliance for help. This took me 2 hours to find the information and track it down just to change the name servers. After that it took almost 4 hours for them to respond to my email while we had all communications of a client down. No contact information for tucows is given and they will not help you no matter what with any direct or phone support. Tucows doesn’t care about their customers and has no support options. Good luck if you are using a reseller of Tucows.

This is also the 2nd account qwest has broken by changing their Name Servers. Qwest was the original DNS hosting company and was the register. 

I hope and pray no one else has to deal with these people.

6 hours it took to unlock a domain and change the name servers is unreasonable and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Godaddy can do this in 4 minutes on the phone, website chat or email.  



  1. I am completely in agreement with the above comments on

    They have a bug in their website that has locked the access to the control panel.

    There is no resolution. Already 4 days have been lapsed but no response from the support team.

    This is a pathetic state of affairs and taking customers for a ransom.


  2. Call godaddy and they can have you up and running with an external DNS setup with in two hours. Once that is setup and working you can start the transfer of your domain with no downtime.

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