Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | February 17, 2016

Update of trial separation from Microsoft

Here’s an update on my progress.

Microsoft Groove

I have been charged 3 times now after I cancelled my accounts. Microsoft Xbox Support was unable to refund my charges because they can’t find them in my accounts. I have something like 12 different accounts from over my life time with Microsoft, the accounts are so confusing and their customer management system is so bad on their end after an hour he couldn’t fix it or figure out why I was still being billed and why the credits weren’t being received.

On my side Microsoft Account website showed my accounts cancelled and closed but also showed me still being billed for them months later. The only solution Microsoft support could come up with is to delete all my forms of payments from my accounts and randomly refund me transactions made recently he could see. After a week I got the credits and haven’t been billed more.

However, I’m now unable to auto-pay for Xbox Live Gold which I’m debating cancelling. I can’t purchase movies, app or anything from the Microsoft store. What a shame and a bad solution.

Overall to cancel my account took 7+ hours of Microsoft support time and endless emails, phone calls and wasted hours on my side with a bad solution only to show. I’d estimate a labor loss around $500 to cancel a $10/month service. Microsoft would have saved more money by giving the service away for free. They seem to be the new AOL easy to get a hold of but impossible to hold accountable or get action from.

Xbox One / Xbox Live / Halo MCC

I’ve been busy but it seems like there’s an update every time I turn on my xbox one. I can’t use the sleep mode as apps and games wont start correctly, or run correctly and they are tons more issues. So I’ve turned off that “feature”. This means you wait 10-40 minutes every time you want to play a game or watch a movie. What’s the point, this use to be a high-end living room system that always worked, you could go from standing at the tv to gaming in 2 minutes. But now more than half the time the game wont start, there’s an update, a DDOS has taken down xbox live, friends list doesn’t load, the dashboard lags out or log in issues. When you do get in your have ongoing issues in many games like Halo MCC which still has matchmaking issues, crashes, lockup. The Xbox 1 and Xbox Live have become a joke. We can match-make 3 games in Xbox 360 Halo 3 before one in Xbox One Halo MCC. If your alone it works better but what’s the point of playing alone! We normally have 6-8 and often play only 1-3 matches an hour if that!

We restart the game on any sign of bugs which is tons (We call this a 343, dashboard, start, close/quit app/program then restart). Often it take us 5-30 minutes to get the game to load. This bugs been reported over and over and been here for almost 6 months now and still not fixed!

Lag, quitters and slow matchmaking are still major issues in almost every next gen game. Often the game that should be epic cost $70 and are 20% the game we got 2-10 years ago for $40. Rainbow Six, Battlefront and Halo 5 are jokes compared to previous size and scale of the games that built their brands. These teams should be ashamed to release unfinished and faulty content and show it’s all about Microsoft Production Studio and their bottom-line and greed, horror story after horror story comes out about working with Microsoft and their teams. The results seems pretty clear as sales fall and their fan base calls them out or quit playing at all. The ongoing problems have caused a few of our friends to quit playing at all and %20 still wont buy a struggling xbox one.

But the new Microsoft in it’s role as the lumbering giant doesn’t care because their on a quest for perfection instead of a quality mature usable product. The all mighty unified platform one CORE to rule them all, one CORE to bind them, one CORE to destroy them all.

Windows Mobile Phone and ONE CORE TO DESTROY THEM ALL

Mobile with Windows 10 has been garbage and so many features are broken it’s angering. But it’s taken so long to just get to this point that most users have left and gone to other platform, even the CEO of CORES is using an iPhone while on a multi-month leave. The rest of us would get fired for that. But it’s ok to leave with failed products left and right you just walk out, must be nice because your customers can’t just walk out on a 2 year contract and have suffered for years on failed non-product quality Windows Mobile devices.

Xbox One with Windows 10 Core

Another massive failure, bugs, apps crashes, instability, low sales, high cost, high failure rates and poorly built games. I see what it could be but I don’t think the New Microsoft can do it.

Windows 10 Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and 4K Broken DPI

Don’t buy a 4K anything with Windows 10 until they get their shit together! It’s a pain, design work is VERY BAD! Yes VERY BAD! Not being able to see your toolbar or menus in Adobe Fireworks is BROKEN not a feature! LogMeIn giving you a remote desktop as 25% of the screen isn’t a missing feature it’s BROKEN! Video drivers from ATI/AMD/INTEL still aren’t stable and work correctly, on one desktop I can play a game with one driver or be able to control the size of the overscan with another version but not both.

We’ve had Windows 10 for almost a year and Microsoft has failed to deliver hardware providers support and encouragement to write the code needed and update older systems.

No option to restore XP, Vista, 7 backups on Windows 10.

No option to use easy transfer wizard from Windows 7 to a new Windows 10.

Account’s and Sign-in’s

Microsoft Sign in isn’t explained well and very confusing vs a Local account, Domain Account, Work account, Office 365 Account, Corporate Account, Microsoft Account, Hotmail, and on and on we go. .Net, @Live…

Updates and forced Default App/Program resets

Every week Microsoft releases an update that resets your favorites, they can’t resist the power cloud and a connected world gives them and that’s a sign of evil. Power corrupts corporations too and the amount of complaints and worries over privacy and how the New Microsoft views it’s customer is a MAJOR problem for me.

The overly pushed Edge which we’ve told you we hate and don’t want to use. We’ve told Microsoft it’s broken, Edge doesn’t work is so many places, websites, plugin, rendering.

Bad Support which I’ve already talked about.



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