Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | February 7, 2015

Common Keyboard Mouse issue fix (Left click opens Properties or Right Click options)

This has helped so many people I wanted to re-blog it.

Don't Panic Business Technologies

I’ve run more and more in to this problem with Keyboards and Mice related to a lock up of one of them. This is during normal user activities and results in the Left Mouse button not opening a program but the programs properties. You can still right click and do open however this is a pain.

I learned the solution in Dos when I was 7 or so before Windows 3.1 was released. Credit should go to Nathan Wilcox who is my cousin and showed me this trick to unlock and reset the keyboard and mouse from Basic but it still applies today in any Windows, Linux or Dos OS.

Fix: You must do all of these at the same time. Left Hand = LCtrl + LAlt + LShift while Right Hand = RCtrl + RAlt + RShift = Keyboard and Mouse reset.

To clarify hold down all Ctrl+Alt+Shift at the same time.


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