Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | January 20, 2015

How many Centurylink employees does it take?

Took me an hour and talking to 6 people and being told I didn’t have any service with Century link by each of them before someone could open our account. Each one chuckles like I’m the incompetent one calling the wrong company. One employee refused to give his Employee ID or name after excuses why he couldn’t get me a supervisor. If your an employee of CenturyLink let me do your training for you. An M at the end of the account code stands for MIDMARKET! NOT NO ACCOUNT! I just needed to cancel a point to point t1 took 1 minute once a supervisor was contacted. So I give them a 40% chance at really disconnecting it.

After dealing with @CenturyLink for an hour I apologized to Charter for all the mean things I’ve said about them of the last few months since they took @Optimum. Century Link gave me some perspective of real incompetence. Charter’s been pretty bad in the Mountain states but not like this. I once spent 2 hours for one DNS change. No one at then Qwest know what DNS was.

Grrr…. FCC, FTC with ISP’s having lower reputations than Congress maybe it’s time to do something! The current system is broken and it’s your fault!


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