Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 6, 2014

Hulu’s playing of psychologically abusive Ad’s on anti-smoking in America. A legal personal choice.

I’m sitting on my couch sick with strep, enjoying a show with my daughter on xbox, on a tv with no voting, pause or skip options. When these psychological abusive anti-smoking Ads keep playing over and over! The ends do not justify the means and using direct intend to cause metal and emotional pain to my child or myself is the definition of psychological abuse it’s illegal, unethical and immoral!

Someone pulling their tooth out or skin off in an AD is horror and terror brought to us by our government. This is a free Country and to place these types of Ads on a PAID or public SERVICE forced on my family over someone’s legal personal choices isn’t acceptable. Just like running Ads on anit-gay, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-pot, anti-free media isn’t acceptable!

Give us a choice to exclude these ABUSIVE videos from my Hulu Plus account or remove them! This is my second complaint about Ads on Hulu and will be my last. Over the last 100 years from woman’s rights to vote, blacks status as humans, personal freedoms like beer and hemp to spying and wars the media as been used to spread these lies. Regardless of these Ads are valid they are unacceptable in this media or discussion.

Why would a corporation like Hulu take the risk of getting in the middle? As a father I feel this is a fight worth having do you? My respect for Hulu will be based on the out come of this experience. As yourself does this ad cause stress, anxiety. If you were a smoker would you withdraw from social event where these Ads were played?

For your records I as an American born customer can say Yes they do cause me stress. To the point I had to do something and write this letter. It shouldn’t matter but I’m not a smoker!

Defined: psychological abuse
Emotional abuse, mental abuse A form of mistreatment in which there is intent to cause mental or emotional pain or injury; PA includes verbal aggression, statements intended to humiliate or infantilize, insults, threats of abandonment or institutionalization; PA results in stress, social withdrawal, long-term or recalcitrant depression, anxiety

Source: McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.



  1. Your a fucking moron. Maybe you should be angry with the government for legally allowing people to poison themselves and everyone around them, while also making them helplessly addicted. Most kids start smoking out of ignorance and don’t care about the consequences, mostly because they don’t understand how severe they actually are. It’s imperative to society that cigarette companies are put out of business. If scare tactics need to be used then so be it. People should be scared of what cigarettes can do.

    • I disagree, freedom includes the available to harm ones self. Caffeine, sugar and most foods cause way more damage. Where’s the line, when does the nanny state end. This country was built one Tobacco demoningizing it because people have a lack of self control isn’t the option. Controling the lives of 300 million people because of the weak is bad policy and abusive. This applies to alcohol, cannabis, swimming pools, cars, airplains, skidiving, racing, bullriding, mining metals…. also all things in life can be dangerous or abused. Just take drinking too much water can kill you, so should all water be regulated? How about just drinking bottle water shouldn’t we regulate that because its not? 3000 people will die and 1/6 will get sick is the US this year from food poisoning but we barely even regular public food.
      Due to your emotional response id saying you had someone weak in your family who died “from smoking” and you blame everyone but them. That’s a metal health issue not a government control issue. Regardless of both, the government shouldnt show people pulling out their teethout with plyers to anyone for any reason unless they ask for it which my family didnt. We consider that horror and I should have the choice to watch horror and not have it forced on me. FYI 2nd hand smoke research has shown the hype is garbage and damage is almost nothing.

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