Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | May 29, 2014

ALERT! Charter/Optimum isn’t telling you everyone’s boost now 30/5! So call and stop paying for it!


I found out recently that everyone who’s been paying for 30/5 boost from Optimum now Charter is paying $15/month for nothing! Recently EVERYONE was made 30/5 boost due to problems with VoIP, but their not going to tell you your over paying. You must call in! This applies to business and residential, I personally suggest everyone ask for a refund for at least this month which I was able to get.

With on going problems from the “cut over” and “secrets” like these I’m very disappointed and worried about the performance and quality of business from Charter! I, as a residential customer just today received my Final Notice of changes which was days after it happened! I assume this is due to the holiday and poor planning! If Optimum and Charter would stop sending so many ADS weekly the important messages might be read! There was NO note on my bill. Most of my business clients are still trying to get their voicemail *99 (If that doesn’t work call CHARTER ASAP), account numbers, voicemail passwords and fax services working correctly! There’s also the need to call in and update your authorized users which needs to be done ASAP. It’s my understanding this information plus account notes weren’t transferred over. How this was approved by those who regulate these transactions to happen this way is interesting and should be explained.

Isn’t it time we allow competition in the cable industry and give consumers options? The choice between the two evils of charter or century link isn’t acceptable and their control over our access to news, information and our access to the internet needs to stop! Why this abuse has been allowed for so long even satire South Park has to make an episode is absurd!

I should note Charter was more than happy to inform me in my last paper bill that I’m paying someone else too much for Anti-virus and I should instead download Charter Security Suite which will protect your computer from viruses, hackers and spam! Good luck with that! It’s also my understanding Optimum account numbers and email account are going away call and get those changed!

SPAM Alert

The fine print in the new How we use your information’s last page says you have 30 days to notify Charter you don’t want your information used for Marketing! I’d suggest you opt-out, there is also an option to opt-out of other automated Notifications you must turn off. You are automatically included unless you deal with these.

To automatically spam your customers unless they opt-out shouldn’t be allowed! I normally wouldn’t call this spam but the amount of 3rd party and direct marketing, ads, flyers, postal mail, online ads, tv, ads, radio ads… There are only two options yet I receive ads weekly most the time for service I already have so it’s just wasted marketing money making customer frustrated but no where to go. why?






  1. Also it’s a good rule to NEVER use ISP email accounts like @Charter, @Optimum, @Bresnan… Use Office 365 instead and pay for it so you aren’t being used as a product!

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