Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | July 21, 2013

Internet Rules of Social protocols – Texting Late/Early

Internet Rules of Social protocols – Texting Late/Early
I often find myself working late at night, sometimes like now I’m working at 2am. I often want to make appointments, send/share news updates with people for the next day which they are currently charging up for (sleeping). My preferred method of communications is text messages. It’s common practice and clear Social protocol not to voice call during off peak hours. However, texting social protocols aren’t so clear. For example I need to schedule time with a Tech nephew to build some old servers tomorrow and need to alert his parents of my desired last minute scheduling before they start their day. This can only be achieved by having the message waiting on their phone when they get up. However, the question now becomes does the sending of the message wake them up or violate a Social protocol. I often feel I need to queue up information for people for the next day and find text as the best option.

Oddly I feel like I’m violating less of the Social protocol by sending last/early facebook messages vs. text messages. I guess because it takes one more step to connect your Facebook to Text/Mobile I feel it’s your fault if it wakes you up.

My Question to you is What do you feel is the Social protocol for Texting/Facebook Messaging Late/Early. Is it the Phone owners responsibility to turn off notifications late at night? Or should Text Messages be treated as Voice Messages.

I clearly do not except a reply but I will be asleep when it would be more social appropriate to contact them. Also as we become more International does this also change things?


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