Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 30, 2013

Windows Mobile Phone 8 Your Phone isn’t playing nice error!

For months I’ve been unable to sync my Lumia 820 Windows Mobile Phone 8 with my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit computer. I’ve tried everything. I even reloaded my PC to Windows 8.1 Preview. But it was only after plugged out my micro SD card that this error went away!

“You phone isn’t playing nice with Windows. A reboot should fix it….”

I had a 8GB micro SD card which seemed to cause this error! I’m not sure how many people are having this issue to comment below if you too are. Pull out the SD card and everything will work correctly!



  1. I tried the same solution and it worked for me. It was a sd card from the last phone.

    • I hope the update from last week will fix it, I’ll post either way. If you are on att then you wont get the update for a while.

  2. Removed my MicroSD, formatted it to “exFAT”, re-inserted to my windows phone and now it is playing nicely for my Windows 8 tablet and windows 8 laptop

    • great news. thank u ill try it. ive jusy done without. great caught.

  3. dear all,

    thank you for the supoort. removing sd card worked. my phones internal memory now accessible and i can put and download data from phone.

    thank u….:)

    • great news.

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