Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | May 2, 2013

State of CyberWar – From a small town combat CyberMedic! You’d have to be dead to not know we’re lossing!!!

It’s been an extreme week as a Combat Cyber Medic in this Worldwide Cyber War currently no one seems to understand is going on. If you get online you are involved yet you most likely don’t understand that or aren’t fighting at all. Currently the Army of Zeus has a 75% success even when you are fully updated and protected by both AV and Adware. So doing everything you can (Short of unplugging) only protects you 25% of the time. With valid Google search links being poisoned in the millions the war is going very poorly. All of this is only the artillery fire. These aren’t even direct attacks. We rarely even hear about the direct attacks because those that are tasked to protect us want to but don’t have the ability! It’s like having an army without Guns… what’s the point. If they would STOP focusing on Copyright and instead on the real treats and real war being waged something might be done. We stop everyone at the Airports and check them so they can’t hurt anyone in our Country yet we let every asshole surf up to EVERYONE’s Home, Business and Mobile phone and let them try and terrorize us.

IMO… If America’s Cyber Army was compared to a physical army we’d be Canada with unarmed Mounties “protecting us”.

So here my question… Do you feel safe online?

Zeus records your bank login information then you find out your accounts are empty the next day.

It’s important that you setup your Bank account to NOT allow wire transfers without two forms of authentication (one being non-digital like voice or in person)

It’s also important to request an Encryption Key from your Bank if they have them. This key rotates the number given on it every few seconds so only you can EVER login to your account. They also have Phone Apps which allow you to get your key from there. But with phone being infected in the millions I’d suggest just getting the key.


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