Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | April 22, 2013

My rules to living life without a Cell Phone case or screen protector

Rules to living life without a phone case. (Written from Lumia WM8 Phone)
1. Dedicate a pocket for your phone.
Left=phone, right=keys and change
2. Never put phone on lap or back pocket. (when getting out of the car is when I’ve found most phones break) this applies to locking keys in the car too.
3. Always put the phone in ur pocket with the screen facing your leg. (protects screen when hitting a desk corner or wall)
4. When setting the phone down always verify. Never set screen face down.
5. Have dedicated locations for the phone to charge.
6. Always take care of the cables. Tripping on a cable is the easiest way to break a phone or laptop.

If you have more Rules please add them in the comments.


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