Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | January 30, 2012

Cricut Handbook Beta Collection 28 Cartridges and counting.

We would like to show you all a project we’re working on, we’re still testing to make sure it will work but we currently have 28 entire handbooks done. This is our very first beta release. v0027

Handbook collection with Microsoft Silverlight Pivot viewer[

You can bookmark this page and we will update this collection with more tags, cleaner tags, more handbooks (have all over 200 ready for indexing) but we need to test more and more slowly. We hope to have all handbooks in the end.

NOTE: We’ve only tagged about 6 out of 28 Cartridges, we’re working hard to add more tagging over the next few weeks. Please make sure and refresh your page every few days for updates.

Hints and Tips

I’d like to give you some hint and tips on using the pivot soltware and filtering.

First Select your Cartridges from the Left Filter Panel, then search or filter by tag. This way you only see images you have. Unless you want to search what you don’t have or your friends have.

Second Sort by Cartridges from top right drop down select From Cartridge, then click the second icon on the top bar for a chart view.


I hope this helps finding and your creativity by allowing you to find the shapes, fonts and images faster without mounds of paper or pdf’s.

Please leave comments related to this project on my blog at [url=]Jbenisek WordPress Blog[/url]



  1. seems like you are trying to do what already does

    • You could see it that way, but they are doing what everyone else does with lots of information and photos but it in a crappy non-visual list 10 per page. I HATE this you might as well just use your printed books then.
      Ours lets you see the images in bulk, filtered, sorted across all cartridges indexed. We also tag everything in the image not just a or two images. This way that little mini heart in alot of different cartridges shows up under heart where as on this site this doesn’t work.
      I hope ours works alot better and gives you control you’ve never had. This technology we are using is a Microsoft Research Project and isn’t like anything you’ve seen.
      See other projects we’re working on at

  2. Very cool! Pretty much a PC Gypsy app! But way more visual! Can’t wait to see the final draft 🙂

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