Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | December 1, 2011

Microsoft Tech Support (SCAM) Infected PC Call! Must Read! SCAM!

I just got a call from out of the US saying I was infected and I needed to turn on my PC and allow them to remote in and show me what was infected.

They call back number is 1-206-317-1496(did get a call back from the tech so he gave a real cell phone) which I tried and just rings. Called from 44-255-4926

Ronnie Marchall is what I was given as the tech email.


They said they were with:

They wanted to use for remote to my computer.


It was overious to me this wasn’t right because I manage many offices on many networks and thy couldn’t tell me which network, what the offending IP address was or they Microsoft Partner ID:. The tech was not smart and didn’t have basic skills for using the PC.

Each time I asked any question that mattered the “tech” would mute me and ask something else. You could hear the person in the back telling him his name, website, email address and other info.

While on the phone I contact CBI(colorado FBI) and they said there was a news story out about it and just hang up. They weren’t willing to take any information or do anything. No trace or anything even thought they were out of the Country.

I’m not sure why this isn’t terrorism?

They were going to charge me $210 because was out of my service contact with???

They start with having the user open eventviewer then tell you any errors are because of viruses and adware. When I asked which virus or adware they had detected I was infected with they just said it’s a “Virus adware and stuff” also keep repeating its in your browser…

Then he had me open “run” and type “INF Infected Files” which just opens C:\windows\inf

He then said that the files there were infected and I need to open a website and they would remote in and show me more infected files.

I didn’t go any further and they weren’t willing to give me a MS Partner ID and after I pushed they hungup. Their intro is “Windows Tech Support”

First time in 15 years I’ve ever gotten a Social Hack like this.



  1. I just got a phone call, same thing, guy with accent, obviously not English language first person, and he was telling me there were infected files on my computer. I kept asking him how he knew what was on my computer and he did give me the website, which my Norton security has a question mark on it, so I didn’t go there. And he was telling me that the procedure had to be done over the phone. I hung up. Not logical. Windows technical support would sure not call me about this. They might respond to me calling them about a problem I was having. Don’t give any information over the phone or let some unknown person look at your computer. Has to be a scam, or worse.

  2. I too just go a similar call. I asked him what company he was with and after dodging the question a couple of times, he said “PC Support”. I asked him where they were located and the idiot says “in the United States”. I did make a complaint to the FBI on

    • about ayear ago we got these peoples call and had then fix the errorrs and paid them by credit card. when the bill came my wife put it in dispute and a credit was applied. after a couple months they called and said they were no longer allowed to do business in the u.s. and needed our credit card number so they could credit our account. my wife explained that we were credited the money already and hung up. we have since recieved appx 25 calls trying to get a card number to credit our money. now we are getting calls to get on the computer and go to and fill out form to get our money back. the link they are trying telling us to go to states this a fast start to enable remote control of our pc. obviously we decline to do it. little did we know how wide spread this scam is. they don’t give up.

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