Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 13, 2011

Microsoft Live Labs Silverlight Pivot Excel Tool Problems and Blurry Images after Collection Creation

I’ve been fighting an error in Pivot where are all of my Categories and other filterable data stops working.
I’ve done form testing and the problem comes in when you turn on Word warp in Excel on the core 5 collumes that are created when you startet the collection…

DO NOT WORD WRAP IN EXCEL PIVOT TOOL on the Core Collumns or the entire pivot filtering will stop working.

Also on a side note when using Find and Replace the tool will delete out of your file names for image src there are a few middle collumns that can be edited without your knowing, also when you UNDO in Excel it DOES NOT undo Find & Replace on file names as far as I can tell.

At publish I had to manully fix 30 file names that had been modified by find replace.

I’ll just keep adding to my fun times with excel pivot tools failures…

When I published my latest test/demo collection I found that alot of my images were blurry and had problems. After alot of search I couldn’t find any solution other than the .DZI web.config missing.


After a night sleep and a long day at work, I gave up and used the AMAZING IE9 TOOLS by clicking F12 in IE9… Click on Network tab then Start Capturing…..

This is what I found.

Excel had not updated alot of the fields for the images after the last save. Some files were set to pull images at incorrect locations.


The amount of corruption excel has done I don’t think is fix able, I will copy and paste the data into a new excel.

Make sure you sniff the collection during load and usage before you waste your time! SILVERLIGHT PIVOT VIEWER EXCEL TOOL SUCKS AT TIMES!!!! Why can’t I use Infopath it’s made for this type of thing?

If you don’t have IE9 you’re missing out. These tools make trouble shooting web design and programming so much easier!




  1. Side note this worked locally in the Pivot Application because I hadn’t deleted the previous exported test collections so you wouldn’t know there was an error until you uploaded it to your web server.

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