Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | December 21, 2010

Netflix, VPN, Remote Office, Remote Servers, Port Forward 443 and 80 Problems

I have an off site location that is a home.


Office Domain Server <-> Sonicwall <-> DSL MODEM (Actiontec) <-WAN-> Cloud <-WAN-> DSL MODEM (Actiontec) <-> HOME (laptop), Roku, Netflix <-Port forward->0-65535>Sonicwall <-> Server

There is a Sonicwall VPN PPTP over this connection.


Netflix doesn’t play over Roku but does. Netflix gives error, Netflix doesn’t list shows, Netflix just buffers


Change Port forward to 0-79 TCP UDP, 81-442 TCP UDP, 444-65535 TCP UDP

This allows Netflix port 80 and port 443 on the HOME LAPTOP to work where as before it was being forwarded to the Sonicwall and server.

However, this will disconnect and block the VPN from working.

So there is problem with running a VPN with two networks on the same gateway, firewall or proxy as your Netflix uses.

If both Netflix and the VPN are using the same Firewall and no Port forwarding is needed then you should have no problem.


We use this design because we don’t want the Home Laptop/remote network have access to the Server or Server’s VPN back to the office. However, this is the first time I’ve tried to do this why having a Netflix viewer in the house too. This has caused alot of problems.

If you have any other options or ideas please let me know… Thanks



  1. I think you may be the kind person who pointed out possible solutions to the PPTP verizon VPN problem in Droid Forums. I have read your helpful advice but who should I contact at Verizon to get removed from the General Restricted IP Block?

    I have a Verizon 3G I Pad 2 and am trying to connect to a service called UKiVPN. I can do it by WiFi but not from Verizon 3G on my I Pad.

    It sounds simple enough to request, but from all the nonsense on Verizon’s web pages I wasn’t able to find a phone number or email address to contact. If you are indeed the cyberaxe on Droid Forum, can you provide such contact information. This problem has been driving me nuts! Thanks,

    • Two options call tech support and make them contact ISP Support in Tier 3 they will use IM CHAT. Or contact a Verizon business sales men to remove the feature. My BILL CLEARLY SHOWS I’M NOT BLOCKED. Make sure to use the Product/feature number we list above when talking to them.

      I hope this help please repost if not.

      • Dear J Benisek,

        I really appreciate your reply which I followed carefully by visiting a Verizon tech support center in Irvine, Ca. The fellow there called tech support and talked with Tier 2. That didn’t help and he was advised to talk with Tier 3. They spent about a half hour on the phone while I was standing there with all the tech info you provided. Both were cordial and helpful (I got to talk with Tier 3 myself at the end). What they told me was that my I Pad Verizon 3G problem (not connecting to UKiVPN) is not like the Android problem and that my I Pad 3G is not restricted. They said it is not the same problem but that I should talk with Apple Tech Support and that there was a “bug” in the Apple software which affected Verizon, but that ATT 3G worked fine.

        Then I went to Apple Tech Support in Newport Beach. After much waiting I got an “appointment”. I had to break through attempts to bamboozle me with irrelevant technical explanations and eventually he came to recognize my problem. I showed him how WiFi connected to UKiVPN and that with the same settings I couldn’t connect via Verizon 3G. After looking up Apple stuff, he said this was a known problem and that I’d have to wait for IOS 5.0 to come out in the Fall. He recorded the problem in a message to Apple and gave me a copy. It says the problem is not able to be supported at the Apple Genius Bar. He said it wouldn’t hurt for me to pressure Apple.

        NOW HERE’S THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY THUNG. When I tried WiFi connection to UKiVPN today, it won’t work in either L2TP or PPTP. So I’m left wondering if Apple did something after hearing that my WiFi connection worked! Anyway I’ve sort of given up on Apple i Pad 2 and gone back to my PC. This is a shame, but I seem to be stuck and out of options. Any ideas?

        Thanks so much for your help. Incidentally, where is your lovely Website picture from? It sort of looks like UK coastal scenery!


    • Also check here because you are missing alot of information if you haven’t read the blog on this site about the PPTP and other Firewalling issues at Verizon.

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