Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | October 5, 2010

Solution to : Android 2.1 and 2.2 VPN PPTP over Verizon General IP blocked and Firewalled

Updated information

Looks like this fixed my issue. I also got some more info for you: – thanks to Trey

The ‘feature’ on my line was – “75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0.”
when my business rep replaced it with “71767 General IP Address ” I was about to connect after a quick *228 & reboot.

Solution to “Server hung up you might be firewalled…”


OK Here it is, this took 2 hours of yelling and pushing them over and over to do their jobs. Once I showed them their own Tech support forums were full of people with this problem they started to listen and get it together!!!

History, about 2 months ago I reported this problem to Verizon I was blown off and told they would open a service ticket and an engieer would look at it. When I contacted them yesterday no ticket was created even though I was given a case number of 100917-004303. I’ve learned I didn’t yell enough and was too easy on them my first call. They are forcing us to be uncivil just to get them to do their dam jobs!

After moving past a few techs and managers I got the key that was need.

All Verizon Mobile Broadband accounts by DEFAULT(<– Bullshit) are under a General Restricted IP block. This means all general IPs are firewalled by VERIZON ISP!!! Now verizon still thinks they only sell phones and voice services and will not admit to being an ISP or support and service complaints, bugs or horrible company policy like this.

Now everyone will ask WHY NOW? I’ve had a PDA phone for 10+ years and I’ve never been firewalled or had a blocked port problem from my phone. We used PPTP VPN’s for a while 2-3 months before this problem started. I asked this question given it’s a Federal Crime to access and change my voice or phone account with out my expressed permission. Since this happend on my personal and 3 of my clients accounts I know no permission was given. The verizon manager said this has been this way all along and no changes to my account have been made. (I call verizon Ignorant and this is abusive)

I will be contacting the FCC about this and filling a complaint please make sure you do as well and CONTACT ALL TECH FORUMS AND TECH SITES ABOUT VERIZON FIREWALLING AND PORT FILTERING THEIR SERVICES!!!

LET ME BE CLEAR!!! The person that you talk to is reading a script and the script says WE DO NOT SUPPORT IN ANY WAY VPN’s!!! This isn’t a VPN issue nor is it a SONY, APPLE IPAD, HTC, MOL… problem this is a VERIZON ISP FIREWALL problem.


They would not provide me a service ticket number for you or an email you can contact.

Business and enterprise verizon clients:

Contact your Business Sales rep and request/demand all your cell phone numbers be removed from the General IP restricted block. This block is managed by Cell Phone Number so all your phone numbers will have to be given to them.

Personal and Small business without rep:

Contact Verizon Data support, Demand to talk to a manager/resolutions department, once you get this far tell them you request/demand to be removed from the General Restricted IP Block! Don’t let me tell you this is a VPN settings or they don’t support VPN’s in-fact they block them by default.

Once they do this you MUST *228 option #1 then reboot phone. Once done you will no long get the Server hung up you might be firewalled error.

This was tested on HTC incredible 2.2, Mol Droid 2.1 and 2.2

Please comment results here and on my Primary Blog for this problem.

Tank you and please be kind of direct with the Verizon staff, you are the customer and they must listen to you.

I will also be filling a corp complaint and will post the complaint # for others.


The solution is here for this vpn pptp issue.

You and all of us are on what Verizon calls a General IP restricted block and you must find someone that understands and can fix it. This took me 6 hours on the phone and not letting them blow me off or push me around. I’m incharge. Once I showed them on their own Verizon tech support forum the amount and people having this same issue the lady started to listen but not until that.

From here she contacted a tech over messenger chat and he knew within minutes what the problem was and how to fix it. However, at no point did any manager or staff over the phone know what I was talking about.

Here’s YOUR STANCE “Verizon is an ISP that controls the internet service from the phone. This feature works over Wifi but not Verizon wireless broadband. This is an ISP issue and I will not end my call until you contact a ISP support tech or manager” don’t give in and don’t let them push you around, be firm and forward. Show them this post if need be.

YOU ARE UNDER a General IP Restricted “Firewalled” Block and they must use your Phones ### to remove you, business can contact their Sales team and have them remove their phones from the Restricted IP Block.

I’ve tested this with 3 companies and 10+ phones all work 100%.

I also have had other blog posts where this has solved from instore and over phone their problems 100%.

You must *228 once their remove the block then reboot the phone.

FCC and Class action lawsuit

I have filled out a FCC complaint and request everyone that has had this issue also file a complaint. It is a federal crime to change our accounts without our expressed recorded permission yet all of these accounts worked a few months ago!!!

I am also open to a class action lawsuit if others are, we’ve had 3+ months of down time due to this issue Verizon ISP refused to support or listen to their customers this issue has cost my company $1000’s.

Original Post:

“Server hung up. It is possible that you are behind a firewall that prevents you from connecting to the server. Do you want to try again?”

On both Droid 2.1, 2.2, Incredible 2.1, 2.2 over Verizon Wireless Broadband. HOWEVER it works over any supported Wifi connection.

We’ve tracked this problem to VERIZON’s WIRELESS INTERNET/BROADBAND.

PDANET has reported

We are adding more VPN supports in 2.60 and that should solve your issue. Coming out hopefully in 4-5 weeks.

June Fabrics PDA Software Support

Disclaimer: Our company issues no warranty and accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

We’ve contacted Verizon, HTC and Mol but NO ONE wants to help or force Verizon to fix their problems. Verizon demands you use VPN for security of business data yet doesn’t support in anyway VPN services. All our phones VPNs worked before Sept with no problem now none do. Workstations still work 100%.
Verizon Case #100917-004303

To make sure you understand this is VPN being setup and connect in the phone not on a laptop or workstation, when using PDANET for PPTP VPN access you must use the built-in-phone VPN client.

I’m looking for others with the same problem please post below, I’d like to get an idea of the scale of the issue and see if a group of us and get verizon to wake up!



  1. I am having the same issue. It is pretty prevalent on other forums. I have a Droid 2 and a maxed-out business plan with Verizon Wireless. I can successfully and consistently make VPN connections over WiFi, but these stop dead in their tracks over the Verizon 3G. As a network engineer, I need remote terminal access from this phone; it’s why I bought the phone, not because it’s a hot gadget. This needs to be fixed post haste, or I am going back to AT&T for an iPhone. I am awaiting a response today, actually, from a Verizon data engineer, so maybe I’ll know more by the end of the day.

  2. do you have a verizon Case ID we could use to show this is a major issue?

  3. I finally got SOMEONE AT VERIZON to do their jobs and I’ve FOUND that you and I all have IP Blocks on our phones. They say this as we have General IP accounts that doesn’t allow VPN access!!! I KNOW I KNOW it did work… but thats verizon. YOU MUST CALL AND DEMAND your IP be unblocked!!! PLEASE let any NEWS or tech companies you know about this!!!

  4. I spoke with VZW, but they didn’t know what the General Restricted IP Block was, nor did they know how to look up the case number you listed. Do you have any call reference numbers or anything else that they might be able to look at and see what they did to get yours working? Thanks for all of this information.


    This forum has more people with this issue and results of my solution.

  6. Looks like this fixed my issue. I also got some more info for you:

    The ‘feature’ on my line was – “75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0.”
    when my business rep replaced it with “71767 General IP Address ” I was about to connect after a quick *228 & reboot.

    • thank you that helps alot. EVERYONE tell verizon to remove 75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0 and add 71767 General IP Address.

    • You are also lucky I’m still getting alot of people that say verizon doesn’t ever know what they are talking about.

  7. Unfortunately, I just got my unlimited data service with no previously working service history. I called Verizon business service today after a chat session with technical support. The woman I talked to, after leaving to talk to her supervisor, said I had to upgrade to unlimited business data account for $44.99/mo to get the VPNs unblocked, a $15 /mo increase just for VPN. I couldn’t say it used to work so I don’t know that I have any standing for changed service. The business service includes Microsoft Exchange sync service which I am not interested in.

    • thank you that helps alot. EVERYONE tell verizon to remove 75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0 and add 71767 General IP Address.

      This isn’t correct we all use the $29.99 on all our phones, I did test changing my service to the highest data package but that didn’t fix the problem.

      EVERYONE tell verizon to remove 75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0 and add 71767 General IP Address. NAT being the KEY WORD HERE!!!!!!!!!!! and a few more !!!! I’m starting to hate verizon.

    • No the increase is just for Tethering. We all have $29/month data plans with VPN pptp working after verizon firewall was turned off.

  8. The good news is that I was able to contact a tier 2 tech that knew exactly how to change from 75668… to 71767… and did that for me. His name is Brenton. However, that did not solve the problem. The VPN did not connect. I loaded the Ping app and am not able to ping anything from my phone. However, from the computer I can ping my company but not the VPN server’s IP addresses using Verizon (the VPN works using a MyFi). The DNS gets the correct IP addresses but they don’t ping. They will ping through my ISP, hughesnet on the same computer. The VPN works over hughesnet.
    It looks to me that there are multiple problems here. There are other threads that say Android has a problem with CISCO VPNs. But if I can’t talk to the VPN server, I don’t thik that has even been tried yet.

    • I know there are atleast 2 problems, the General IP Block and a bug in some android phones, there was an update OTA that fixed the phone problem if the comment on here are correct.

  9. […] Connect with Mac OSX After talking with Cisco’s small business technical support, I found out that Mac (OSX) is not supported for this router. Lame. Anyways, after much searching on the internet through support forums I found this thread which helped. In order to use this, you must enable the PPTP server (there is a checkbox on the Router’s web configuration manager) and set up a user account that is different from the users that will be using Quick VPN. Also, PPTP will not work over a Verizon MiFi connection (in case you are having problems with that). PPTP uses a different protocol than TCP/IP and therefore won’t work (or something like that). Here is someone battling with verizon to get it to work. […]

    • I’m not sure about Mac OS, but I can VPN pptp over Verizon Wireless I use an android phone. Didn’t work while I was on the General NAT IP block.

  10. just wanted to take a quick second to say two things…

    1) called verizon support by using the number on their contact us page: (800) 922-0204. got a very helpful rep on the first try, told her i needed to remove one feature and add another. told her about removing 75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS PDA $0 and adding 71767 General IP Address…she took care of it, took about a minute or so – then she had me do the *228 option 2, reboot. presto, i can connect to vpn again!

    2) THANK YOU SO MUCH…this has been bugging the hell out of me for weeks now and i just today found the solution. thanks so much for posting this!

    • This is what simple everyone should do! However, it doesn’t always work this way, if you read the comments so many people are still getting the “We don’t support that feature” or “We don’t block any IPs” or “You have to contact HTC…” These are all scripts and bullshit, stop the madeness.

  11. And how do you get Verizon to recognize that they are putting us in the General NAT IP Block? The last person I talked to said they didn’t block any IP addresses. She even called Samsung after we ended the call and got a ticket number for me but Samsung said it wasn’t from their side and if it was they were under contract with Verizon so weren’t permitted to talk about it. The Verizon service rep called me back several times to get this (useless) information back to me. Seems like most people at Verizon have no clue what is going on behind th scenes. And PPTP does work using MiFi. You just need to select the right check boxes in the Cisco client (Windows XP). I tried to prove IPs are blocked using Ping but Ping doesn’t work on my Samsung Fascinate because you are not allowed to open a socket on the phone. Pinging through PDAnet functions but doesn’t work for the VPN server but pinging does so it proves they are blocking the VPN server IP address. I didn’t want to say I was tethering without paying the extra $20.

    • Call back and don’t give up until you have a manager, don’t let them change reps on you and say it’s a manager make sure you have a real manager and you can send them to this link or the verizon forum link which worked for me, once they see this is real and there are alot more people with the issue they will work it out.

      It’s all about WHO you get on the phone, most of the staff read scripts so don’t let them, once they start the script you stop them and say please let me start to a manager for ISP side of verizon if they don’t understand then ask for another manager until you get it fixed.

      We have 10’s to 100’s of people that have fixed the problem on the phone with reps, we also have alot more that can’t get verizon to ever know what they sell or services they provide to stick with it and don’t let them push you around. You know whats going on and they don’t treat them like it!!!

  12. I got up to Tier 3 tech support, they unblocked my IP and did everything on this site. My VPN connects, but after loading one page, it hangs and will no longer load anything. Verizon has no idea how to fix the problem and neither do I. When I’m on Wifi, the same VPN works just fine. I’ve tried another VPN with the exact same result. Any idea?

    • Only that it’s connected to your phone number so make sure you’ve done a *228 and rebooted the phone. Call verizon back with someone else and start over have them unblock you once more and see how it goes. Otherwise you’re in a bad service area or your vpn isn’t configured correctly, I understand it work with the VPN so check the logs and run ping tests while it’s connect and disconnecting to see whats up, but don’t give in to verizon.

    • Make sure you understand VERIZON IS YOUR ISP and you must treat them that way or you’ll walk all over you. Would you let your ISP say they don’t know why somethings not working and just give up? Hell no, you’d be standing at their office until they fixed your connection or you’d leave and get a new ISP.

      If they are unable to provide you the service you are paying for, and it’s FCC illegel as I understand for them to block ports and your access, or change your account without your expressed permission, I’m prety sure you have grounds to file a claim in small claims court. Please don’t take my advise and consult your own advisors but it seams to me this is fraud and I’m really tired of taking it up the ass from corporations because their aren’t enought complaints. These are business accounts that aren’t being service and I think I could easily be well under 99.9% uptime due to the 3 months my VPN’s were down for 8 staff members.

  13. I just got a software update from Verizon (Froyo, maybe) on my Fascinate. The VPN now works through PDAnet and I don’t have to use the phone client, it is a CISCO client running on the laptop. I did have the 71767 General IP Address fix done a while back but that didn’t help at the time. It may be a combination of the two or just the update that made it work. Anyway, I’m happy.

  14. Any chance this issue would extend to Samsung tablets? We’ve got a VPN I can connect to just fine using my Sprint Hero, but the tablet doesn’t work at all. Since there’s no phone you can’t *228, any ideas?

    • Yes I think it would, the IPAD also was effected and I think it’s any devices on Verizon Mobile

  15. I called VZW had them make the changes mentioned above and did the *228 opt.2 the reboot, still unable to connect…

    escalated the call with VZW to a second level tech. He said I was Bat_SH*T Crazy basically and told me VZW doesnt support the feature. Then he told me to go download an App on the market place which VZW wouldnt support either.

    then i called MOTO and selected Android help, got a tech on the phone with me and the VZW tech once I told him what i was calling about he hung up on me and the VZW guy.

    now the VZW guy is calling into the MOTO group… got MOTO on the phone and they said that they dont support the VPN because it is a VZW feature. ROFLMFAO

    Now the Moto tech is checking with his supervisor to see if there is anything else they can do other than tell me to screw off again.

    • Hey Paul, this is Philippe from Motorola and I am forwarding the link to you like you asked, hope it helps.

      Product Level 1: Cell Phones
      Product Level 2: Android Series
      Product Level 3: DROID X
      Category Level 1: How To Use / Not Working
      Category Level 2: Tools
      Category Level 3: Wi-Fi
      Category Level 4: Setup
      Date Created: 01/31/2011 02:18 PM
      Last Updated: 01/31/2011 02:18 PM
      Status: Solved

      They actually sent me a link that had nothing to do with the VPN issue I was having. Actually the link says that there is an issue with particular android phones and thats it.

      iPhone 5 w/VZW hurry up and get here

    • Isn’t this fun, I’m open to a class action lawsuit!

    • By the way for all of you out there wondering all of my devices still work 100% with VPN PPTP access and I’ve yet to have any “ERRORS” so I know this solution works regardless of the BS verizon is feeding you.

      I’d contact your business sales person and get him a piece of your mind. If you don’t have one, get one.

      Make sure you make them look this issue up on their own forum, that normally kicks them in to gear.

  16. I’m just trying to determine if this is trying to connect to the VPN via a tethered connection or using the 3G mobile hot spot feature in the phone.

    I’m trying to get to work over the 3G mobile WiFi feature of the phone.

  17. Tried the fix listed first. Verizon said it would cost $500 to make the switch.

  18. I was just reviewing my account a noticed they’ve added this feature to my account to show I’m not being firewalled. If you don’t have this then you are being firewalled as fare as we can tell.

    IP Untestricted

  19. […] UPDATE: 2011-06-02 The newest issue for VPN on Verizon is that you have to buy their premium data deal that let’s you connect to Exchange servers and VPN connections. I upgraded to the new Thunderbolt and asked about all this when I did. You can also find out more at this blog: […]

    • This doesn’t supprise me, I thought at first that was the issue for us and upgraded my account to no fix. I’ll try and take a photo of my plan at $29 using VPN and Outlook 2007 of OWA, I use it on my Incredible and now on my HTC trophy WM7 phone.

      With the new PDAnet 3.0 you can start the VPN from the computer and no long have to use the stupid phone as a vpn client when tethered.

      THANK YOU PDANET 3.0!!!!!

  20. Thanks a bunch for this info. I can confirm that switching from the “75668 GENERAL IP NAT ADDRESS” to the “71767 General IP Address” account option works for our Verizon 3G Apple iPads.

    For Government and Enterprise Verizon Wireless customers, call 1-866-463-2244 (VZW Enterprise Support), give them your device phone number, have them remove the 75668 option and add the 71767 option. You need to wait around ten minutes, power cycle your device and the VPN should work.

    Good luck!

    • Great to hear, I can’t believe people still have this problem after more than a year!!!!

  21. Verizon support is telling me that my Samsung 4G Android phone won’t support making this change. They did acknowledge that it is a known issue.

    • So you are unable to use the services they’ve sold you and their website demands business users MUST use VPN’s to secure their data dn keep them safe on verizons network.

  22. Just got off the phone w/ VZW Enterprise Support and the guy mentioned something about 4G not being supported for general IP address. This sucks since I have the HTC Thunderbolt 😦

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  24. God bless you for posting this!!! I had actually been using my Personal Hotspot feature of my iPhone 4s to setup and test my home VPN configuration. I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong with my VPN setup because it would connect to the VPN server and even get an IP address, but then wouldn’t route anything at all. I had the issue with my work VPN, but couldn’t quite verify why that was either. Once I did eventually determine it was only when using the Personal Hotspot that VPNs didn’t work (except OpenVPN it seems was okay, but not Cisco, PPTP, or L2TP/IPSec) I did more digging to FINALLY stumble across your post. I then went to my invoice and verified that the General IP NAT Address was listed as a feature (Free).

    Anyway… I just called Verizon. I talked to an initial support guy (Jimmy) and told him about the the General IP NAT Address (with the codes you provided), and the code for the General IP Address feature. He noted everything down and put me on hold. When he came back he connected me with Jennifer. She had the gist of it, but I re-summarized. She made the changes as I requested. I dialed the *228. She said to press Option 1 (and not 2 as noted about). I did a reboot. She said it probably wasn’t necessary, but couldn’t hurt. And I then tested out both my home VPN (via PPTP). IT WORKED!! So, I tested my work VPN (Cisco L2TP/IPSec) and that was now working as well!

    Thanks again! I’ll be re-posting this solution, and certainly linking here (and other links provided above) to give credit where credit is due!

    • Great News, I had thought they’d fixed this but I’m wrong. I’m going to take some time and try and get this listed at and in their news so people know about it. I filed a FFC complaint but nothing’s come from it.

      I thought Port filtering by an ISP was illegal by the FCC.

      • It seems the problem is still an issue. I’m pretty certain that port filtering is NOT illegal by an ISP. I’d argue that it is somewhat unethical in some regards. But for one example, ISP’s have been blocking port 25 for DSL and cable modem connections for the longest time. The valid reason for it is that people’s computers are being compromised with viruses and sending spam email from DSL and Cable modem subscriber networks. Of course, it also creates issues for someone like me who runs my own mail relay (authenticated) outside of the cable modem company’s network, but I have ways around that. There are several other instances, though, and some are more broadly restrictive to users, and some completely unwarranted (like blocking VPN-required packets… especially when someone PAYS for Personal Hotspot service! Oddly, I could connect to the VPNs with the phone directly with no problems. The phone itself must be in a separate network (and thus different firewall rules) than the Personal Hotspot clients. I thought it was the phone itself for a while, but clearly, that’s not the case. Makes me wonder how the hotspot really works. 🙂

    • Alex,

      Do you have a 4G/LTE phone?

      • No. iPhone 4S, which is 3G.

  25. Just a note to say that this fix is still good. It only took me 90 minutes on the phone to get it done, but it did solve the problem. Thanks for the information.

    • I can’t believe this is still an issue. But I’m happy it helped took me 3 months. This little tricks helped 100s if not thousands. So sad.

  26. oops, i am using a droidx2 with android version 2.3.5 and verizon system version 1.3.418

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  28. does anyone know if this works on a 4g connection? to get a outside reachable address?

  29. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading very slow
    for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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    • can you reply in English please

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