Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 22, 2009

64-bit after 8 years later and still excusses from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple

Can anyone explain why Windows XP 64-bit released in 2002, now it’s 2009 almost 2010 and we still can’t use a 64-bit IE without having to close it and open 32-bit IE for EVERY flash, Microsoft File Transfer Manager and others…

This is unacceptable.

I put forth that it’s not small business companies, it’s not money and it’s not the customers that are holding up the 64-bit change over. It’s Apple, Microsoft and adobe.

Almost 8 years after 64-bit OS releases we still don’t have a reasonable solution. Even office 2010 is coming in 64-bit now but a simple flash player can’t be done? Microsoft file transfer manager can’t be made for 64-bit after 8 years.

Why can’t Silverlight emulate flash player? I’m so tired of the excusses from Adobe, Microsoft and Apple.

Not only does this happen and doesn’t work 100%, angers the customer, but neither Apple, Adobe or Microsoft give you a real error saying their is no product that is supported. Instead they say you need this and try then fail over and over and over. Every flash page you visit “you must install flash player!” <— why after 8 years has NO ONE put a real message that says we’re sorry we are unable to do our jobs and meet the needs and requirements of our products the internet and our customers please wait another few years for this to be fixed. Oh and please don’t complain it hurts our feelings.


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