Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 11, 2009

Windows Update error in Vista unable to search for updates

I understand your frustration, however you are wrong if you think anyone can just fix their computer by reading alot of forums. You are correct we speak a different “english” than you just like a car repairman speaks a different “english” it take years to understand and learn the complex issue with any computer software.

If you feel this is taking to long to fix please contact microsoft support and pay for a service ticket. If you want our free help then here it is.

I would suggest one of these steps next. I’ve read alot of reported issue like you are having so don’t feel like you’re the only one.
Note: I only have Windows 7 on my systems and I suggest on Oct 22, 2009 you cut your losses and upgrade to Windows 7. The amount of issues Vista has had and the poor performance is shown in your frustration and ours. Windows 7 really solves these issues like XP did over ME.

Steps I think would fix this issue based on the 1 solution I found.

These solutions are based on the need to fix missing or corrupt .dll files which was reported as a solution linked below. Instead of trying to fix one .dll at a time which is very complex, use sfc /scannow (system file checker) to scan all system files and repair missing or corrupt onces from disk.

  • Windows Vista System File Checker and repair from install DVD
  • Step-1 – Put Windows Vista Install DVD in drive
  • Step-2 – Click Start-(type in box “cmd”) Right Click on “cmd” and Click “Run As Administrator”
  • Step-3 – type sfc /scannow (for scan and repair any corrupt or missing files)
  • Step-3 – type sfc /verifyonly (for scan but don’t repair any corrupt or missing files)
  • Step-4 – Once done reboot and retry windows updates.

If sfc doesn’t fix the issue then I suggest you do a full Windows Repair.

  • Windows Repair
  • Windows Vista can be repaired from the Install Disk, this will leave your files and programs, however you should always have a good backup!
  • Step 1 – Put Windows Vista Install DVD in drive
  • Step-2 – Reboot computer
  • Step-3 – Boot to DVD, (F10, F11 should say on screen boot menu) after you select the DVD to boot you have to “Please any key to start setup”
  • Step-4 – Setup starts – Install Windows, you will see Repair Console as an option, YOU DON”T want this one.
  • Step-5 – After this there will be another option that says Windows is already installed on this system do you want to Repair this install? Press “R”.
  • Step-6 – *DO NOT FORMAT!
  • Step-7 – Once the repair is done(same time a full install takes) verify your drivers are all install under Control Panel-System-Device Manager if any need reinstalled please download them from HP, Dell or whoever makes your pc.
  • Step-8 – Run Windows updates
  • Step-9 – Report back here if it work or not.

Question I have for everyone with this issue.

  1. Have you ever had the Adware “XP Antivirus” or “Vista Antivirus”? If so how did you remove it?
  2. Have you ever used Windows Onecare on this system?
  3. If this problem has happed resently(last 2 weeks) and is new have you tried System Restore to a date before this issue.
  4. Do you have Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3?
  5. Do you have IE7 or IE8? I’m really worried about IE8 as the issue here<—

Hope this helps,



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