Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 9, 2009

Verizon Omina Samsung Tethering Fails errors bugs out

The Samsung Omina and other Samsung phones on Verizon fail error out or can’t be found for tethering.

Solution/work around.

for Vista and Windows 7

Connect USB in normal mode to Vista/Windows 7 allow or connect to the Windows MobileĀ  Device center. (If you have a pin code/pass code on your phone you must unlock now)

Once this works and windows see’s your phone, now in your phone change the data connection from “Internal Data Call” change to “As the modem through USB” now open the Verizon Tether software and it will find the phone. You needs to be smooth if you wait too long you have to start over. If you disconnect to use the phone or anything you must start over.

Always change back to “data internal connection” to connect back to Windows Mobile.

Overview this is the idea.

Set to Data Internal Connect, connect to Windows Mobile – change to “as the modem thought USB” now use the Verizon Tether software and it will work.

You just have to connect to Windows Mobile Center first then change the setting and now Verizon Tether will work but Mobile Center wont until you change back to “Data Internal Mode”

Hope this help, Verizon didn’t even have this when I called and still didn’t have any fixes for this problem.

After upgrading to 6.5 I still have this issue, even though this feature is now unblocked. You must still do the work around, no solution from Microsoft yet.


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