Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 8, 2009

Every computer in my house is 64-bit, so I can’t make a bios update disk?

I’ve upgrade ever computer I have to Windows 7 7100 64-bit and was about to do another but the bios needs to be upgraded for my external USB player to work. NO big deal right.

So I visited Dell and started the process, found the drive downloaded it, they only have Floppy disk bios updates. No big deal I’ve got this down to a science, pulled out my USB floppy and started that process. Windows 7 installed perfectly so I thought man on my way. Well… I started the bios extra to floppy and format. here is the problem, the installer says put the disk in. No problem, I did and hit enter, but I get an error that says this is a 32-bit program running on a 64-bit system check with your OEM if you need a different program….

What? You’re kidding, I can’t make a boot disk with an bios update on ANY of my 5 64-bit systems. So I found my list 32-bit old junking running 7048 and try it. It says this isn’t a valid 32-bit exe? WTF?

So in short I can’t get my USB DVD player to boot Windows 7, I can’t upgrade the bios because none of my OS’s are 32-bit or work with the bios upgrader. Hmm.

Note: the current OS Windows XP loops at the AGP driver and doesn’t safe mode or last know boot or I’d just use it to make the disk and bios update.


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