Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | June 4, 2009

Windows 7 Beta / RC / RTM ? 0x80300001

Error “Windows is unable to Install to the selected location.” 0x80300001

Dell 670 with SCSI Raid controller. Loaded drivers for Controller but didn’t replace the Windows install dvd this error is because the disk was not put back in.

Stupid Microsoft, please change this error to mean something or give a prompt for install disk so we stop wasting time.



  1. Thanks for your info – it saved me a lot of grief!

  2. Good grief… Thank YOU!!! (And thanks for including “Don’t Panic” in the title… immediately set me at ease.)

  3. After 4 days of trying to “fix” my RAID array, I followed the instructions here and “Viola!”


    • No problem, happy to help.

  4. This crytic message (instead just asking for “insert the installation media” )seems an obscure attempt from Micro$oft for making us feel like idiots or make wasting our time. Ive spent a full day just for this.

  5. thank you

  6. ditto on the stoopid microsoft. Stoopid me a bit too.

  7. thanks a lot dude! just saved me few hours 😛

  8. I had also to set the raid array as first boot device inside BIOS to remove further strange absurd errors and finally install win7 64bit..

  9. Same here!! I put the Win7 DVD and it work!

    It’s so stupid……..

  10. thank a bunch, you saved my day

  11. Thank you dear God. I thought I was going to have rip my box apart and replace my RAID controller.

  12. saved me pulling more hair out – thanks so much!

  13. thank you very much, wow, microsoft is going the good way, my god!!!

  14. I cannot get rid of this error. My system does not see the raid drive until I put the usb stick with the driver in and load the driver. Then I get this stupid error for “Windows cannot install to Disk 3…” details show this error code. I have tried opening and closing the disk tray at different phases, clicked on refresh, pulled the usb stick, created a new partition, formatted the partition… can’t get rid of it.

    The strange thing is that I have successfully installed to this system before. Same mobo, drives, driver, usb stick. The only thing different is I transplanted the guts to a new box. Now I can’t install.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • So is it a new motherboard? I think when you add the scsi or raid driver to the windows setup is changes the location of your dvd/cd drive, the number count on the drives must be different once the HD is accessable.
      You might try changing the location of the DVD drive phyically to another port.

      If this doesn’t work I’d move the install media to a USB drive and stop using a disk or dvd at all this might allow you to pass this error.

      The error is telling you it can’t find the installation media to finish the install.

      • Not a new motherboard. I’ve used all these parts together before with this install.

        The dvd drives are on an IDE connection so I don’t know how to change the port. Is there some way if the drives don’t have SATA?

        Also not sure how to install from USB. You mean copy the whole windows dvd to a usb stick and install it from that somehow?

  15. ok I know this is odd, but do the same process and when you get this error or right before take the dvd out of one drive and put it into the other drive. You said Drives, so you have 2 IDE DVD drives.

    You load SATA/SCSI/ATA/RAID driver from USB or floppy or cd/dvd, once done loading the driver place the install disk back in the first drive if that doesn’t work put it into the second drive. The adding of a USB drive changes the ID of the DVD and I think the OS is looking for the disk in the other drive.

    Just a thought.

  16. Still not solved but your tip has led to some progress. After loading the driver, I clicked load driver again just to see the drive list under browse and low and behold, after loading the raid driver, the D: and E: drives are just not there anymore (why would they disappear?) and that’s why window’s probably can’t install… so now I have to figure this fun new problem out.

    I don’t think anything is misconfigured on the mobo, but I’ll check again. The real mystery is still how I did this before without this problem.

  17. You bloody fucking idiot.. say me how to resolve this error.. fuck u asshole..!!!


      MAKE SURE YOU ALL VOTE FOR ME AS A MVP at Microsoft Jeremy Benisek Don’t Panic Business Consulting.

  18. Just got this error installing Windows 7 to a RAID 1 array. I can’t believe Microsoft didn’t put a “reminder” in there to put the DVD back in. Geez. Thanks for the info as it saved me quite a bit of time.

  19. Thank you!!

    I stayed up all night, replaced RAID controller, tried different hard disks!!! Then found your post 🙂

    • If only I could get Microsoft to give me an MVP so I could get these stupid issues fixed.

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