Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | December 2, 2008

Dell XPS 420 with Digital Cable cards – poor dell customer service

Ordered an XPS 420 with Digital Cable cards, got the XPS 420 but Dell cancelled the Digital Cable cards. Called and talked to 10 yes 10 Customer service dell employees for over 1 1/2 hours and still got nothing. You cancelled the order with no notice to your customer then can’t even get me a replacement order. You can’t buy these Digital Cable cards without an XPS420. You sold me a product you didn’t have and now I have to fight arm and legs just to get a comparable product. Are you kidding? 10 dell customer service reps I had to talk to and nothing got done.

I expect upgraded shipping, because you cancelled the order the day it was to be delivered and the same price. Your dell reps tried to double the price even when I bought it with a system. I bought my 1st HP tablet pc system after 15 years with dell because of this poor service!

Update 12/05/08 –

I’ve spent more than 6 hours on the phone with Dell to get the missing canceled XPS 420 Only** ATI Wonder Digital Cable Card Tuner. They make them they don’t! I don’t know what the magical number at Dell is to it’s not 47 because that how many people I’ve talked to!

I’ve been hung up on atleast 10 times now and spend days on the phone with dell as they can’t figure out where this part is or how to sell it to me. I have already bought it I tell them you canceled my order! They said for a whole the new card was built on to the mother board but after a few more people it doesn’t seem that way. They don’t make the cards but they do. I’ve talked to managers, sales, customer support and many others over this being the 4th day.

I ordered a computer they took my money and sent my part of my order. Canceled the other half and ……. that’s it, but you can’t buy Any type of Digital Cable tuner card without buying this computer! They sent me the computer but not the tuner card now I have a useless Dell XPS 420. I’ll be sending back to start over and pay more for the exact same product just to hope this time they honor their promise to have the products they are selling!!!


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