Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 26, 2008

Gamefly, Game Day release failures and 13 days later still don’t have game!

I understand however I’m telling you as a customer that my friends and family WILL NOT sign up for your service until you have other options! If I need to file a complaint with your corporate offices I will. We may not continue our service on both of our accounts until the delivery times and delivery options are fixed correctly with us the consumer and customers getting taken care of.


For example, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed  was release on the 15th and we still do not have it and wont until I hope tomorrow the 27th if not the 29th. That’s 13 days to get a game I normally would have received the day of release. Your service is flawed and if it doesn’t get fixed or a solution found we will not continue our service and will make sure to warn others. 1.5 Million people bought this game some of my friends have finished the game a WEEK ago and I still haven’t even seen it. If you want the core gamers to use your service you need to get your act in gear! You can continue to repeat what you can’t do or you can take this to your managers and start talking about what you can do and how you are going to make this the best service you can for the benefit of your customers.


We currently have 2 accounts with 4 total games, we’ve talked 3 of our friends into signing up for your service but all of them complain about the same Game Day Release issue. I spent $150 two weeks ago to buy viva piñata because your service is so slow that’s $150 you didn’t get.


Publisher:  LucasArts


Platform:  XBOX 360


Category: Action Adventure


Release Date: 9/15/08


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