Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 23, 2008

Yahoo Launchcast Plus fails and locks up.

I don’t believe you and will be filling a complaint with Yahoo corp. The Music that is playing isn’t what is shown here. This interface is locked up other than the Playing time at the bottom. This isn’t an add-in on my side. I’ve disabled all add-ins but Media Player and SWF and both a fully updated. I’m paying for Plus but can’t use it. Do your jobs and fix it. If you need me to provide log files I will or remote to my pc. The second photo is after the song is done and now it’s locked up there and will have to be end tasked. If it was an addon IE7 would ask me to disable it after restart of the browser. Don’t blow off your customers. Take ownership and fix the problem. Ratings still work but the Play button doesn’t do anything.


Locks my Core1 on CPU1 at 100% usage. Which is 49% overall (Intel Core Duo2)

IE7 Error on Page.

Line: 1672


Error: ERROR in YAHOO.Music.Radio.Player.Controller.wmp.onNewStream().

ERROR in YAHOO.Music.Radio.Player.Controller.handleEvent(evType:”onNewStream”).

ERROR in YAHOO.Music.Radio.Player.Controller.mediaInfo.handleEvent(evType:”onNewSongStream”).

ERROR in YAHOO.util.Json.getRemoteObject(). Access is denied.








—–Original Message—–
From: Yahoo! Music []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 1:55 PM
To: Jeremy Benisek
Subject: RE: LAUNCHcast Radio (KMM134197057V63695L0KM)


Hello Jeremy,


Thank you for writing Yahoo! Music about being unable to run LAUNCHcast.


The issue that you are encountering indicates that there is an

application on your system preventing the LAUNCHcast station from

entirely loading.  Unfortunately it is not possible for us to determine

what application you may have installed on your system as there are many

different software packages that perform this function.  You will need

to look for some form of antivirus, web ‘assisting’ software such as

toolbars, or firewall packages that block popups and disable them one at

a time to determine which is responsible for the issue that you’re



Thank you again for writing to Yahoo! Music.






Yahoo! Music Customer Care


For assistance with all Yahoo! services, please visit:


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