Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 18, 2008

Bill Quick 2008 SQL install on 2008 Express error

If you use Bill Quick I have some warnings for you. Call them lessons learned.

Bill Quick Pro 2008 or any date will not work with Microsoft SQL 2005, 2008 Standard or Enterprise according to bill quick they changed this support to only Bill Quick Enterprise only which cost a ton more.

Bill Quick Pro 2008 gives me an error when trying to do a Create New Database Error 880012 no message nothing but this error. I called BQE and they said just like they did for trying to Install Bill Quick on SQL 2005 Standard that you must install Bill Quick on the server and that will fix any of your problems. However, it didn’t. I called back and they didn’t have anyone that could help me and would have to call me back. Also couldn’t speak with a manager because there wasn’t one there.

So seems BQE’s troubleshooting is down to:

  1. Blame SA/Password (over and over they kept blaming my password because it wasn’t SA, stupid to leave it SA and SQL 2008 requres by default Strong Password Enforment which they should)
  2. Blame SQL 2005 Standard for not being Express (odd but whatever money greedy corporations)
  3. Blame Remote SQL Database Creation (they’ve said everytime try creating the database from the server by installing Bill Quick on your server, it’s fast and you wont have to reboot) This isn’t true I did have to reboot and it didn’t fix or do anything different then trying it from my workstation. (They still say the reboot isn’t required but the software does ask for it)

Solution was Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components

  • The SQL Server Backward Compatibility package includes the latest versions of Data Transformation Services 2000 runtime (DTS), SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO), Decision Support Objects (DSO), and SQL Virtual Device Interface (SQLVDI). These versions have been updated for compatibility with both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 and include all fixes shipped through SQL Server 2000 SP4 and SQL Server 2005 SP2.

    Audience(s): Customer, Partner, Developer

    Update: 11/12/2008

    Bill Quick fails to login randomly for users. Bill Quick support is usless and continues to tell me it’s not there problem, issue and they can’t do anything to help. Wow, great support.

    Tip is seems some of the Bill Quick support staff say it’s ok to use SA as your login account but I found this error, try using username: BillQuickSQL password: admin

    Good luck, Bill Quick and google give you nothing to help with this poorly programmed software.




  1. At least you didn’t get fired for installing BillQuick 2008. I had all the same trouble as you, and BillQuick or BQE support was so bad, we had to just go out and buy and install another package. A week later I was fired for “performance issues”



  2. I have been using BillQuick since 2006 and it has not only allowed me to expand my client base. It has also served us well over the years.

    We converted from the Access Database format to MS SQLexpress 2005 with out issue. On Vista to boot.

    We has one connection error due to a malformed path to the MS SQL server. TYPO it was. Then we saw a 250% speed increase over our gigabit network.

    We did encounter random connection errors only when Jumbo Packets were enabled on the server. Disabled it and clear sailing.

    Took us less than 1 hour to install MS SQL Express and have our staff up and running with out a hitch.

    • We are using the current version of SQL which is 2008 express, we wanted to use SQL 2005 Standard which we didn’t find out until 3 hours on the phone with support after trying the setup that we were required to use SQL Express 2005 or 2008 Express and could not use SQL 2005 Standard or 2008 Standard unless we upgraded to Bill Quick Corp. This is insain as Standard is the full version of SQL and Express is not.

      We installed SQL 2008 Express on a different server which we were told was supported. It took many calls and hours for them to figure out they had to install a compatability patch in SQL 2008 to support the SQL 2005 format they were still using (this was July 2008 and SQL 2008 had been out for awhile plus beta for 6 months). This is not how we were told this process would happen a few different times so our expectation were set. Don’t set up your customers expectation just to piss them away with poorly trained staff.

      We were also told different things from different support staff, how we were told to setup the SQL login information was incorrect and cased disconnect errors at start up. When I called to get help they told me it wasn’t their problem and they’d seen this error before but it wasn’t their software. Only after 30 minutes of digging did I get a hint of what was going on. The support staff didn’t even know he said the solution and I’m sure still doesn’t to this day. But he’s solution was to change what the installer had told us to do. Hmm, one employee changing the setup of another employee’s work. I’m prety sure that’s your problem in your software. I’ve never been told by a support staff “I’m sorry this isn’t our problem in our software so there is nothing we can do” Oh Really!

  3. Back at it once, more moved to SQL 2008 R2 and now I’m in support hell while they figure out whats wrong and why their software has issues, yet they say they support R2.

  4. FYI

    Random connection errors are (most likely) caused by TCP issues due to some kind of inconsistency with BillQuick and TCP Chimney functionality. My communication issues stopped after issuing

    netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled

  5. Oh, and for a set of laptops I needed to update the Broadcom 57XX driver. Even though there were no communication errors and every other type of communcation worked (including SQL2005 communication), updating the driver fixed the problem.
    The weird thing with the old driver was, I could get communication to work by changing the card speed (to anything other than what it was). And that would work until I rebooted.

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