Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | September 11, 2008

I’ve been banned from because I’m telling the truth about their horried support and router products

“We’re sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.

You have been banned for the following reason:

You have been banned in the forums for continuing to violate the usage guidelines.

You have 4053 minutes remaining on the ban.”

Oh really! I’ve filed a complaint with Linksys Corp and plan to file one with Cisco this is the worst service and products out of linksys in 10 years.

DD-wrt proves this isn’t a hardware issue because my 350n works with NO REBOOTS EVER! NO LOCKUPS! and wireless is always there!!! Unlike my 4400n which requires the power plug be removed after EVERY SINGLE change to any ANY setting! Locks up weekly on Port 443 and completly losses connection with EVERYONE! that means no ping, no http nothing!

Yet nothing from linksys in over a year! Check out how many people have the same problems on all of Linksys Routers. Yet dd-wrt work great on LINKSYS own hardware!

Whats the point?

FREE software from dd-wrt works better then Cisco and Linksys put together? Come on! Who the hell do these people think they are. I give the big middle finger to Linksys and their horried support and products!

However, a business 4400n isn’t supported by dd-wrt.



  1. Guess what! I have been a forum member since 2006, total of 7 posts. Today I posted about all the things that did not work on the Linksys WVC54GCA asking for advice, and guess what?


    Who is the nutcase running that forum?

    • I would call and complain to the corp offices and a customer service manager.

      Haven’t tried since I bought my Dlink to fixd the linksys, I have about 6 symi-working routers, most now run DD-wrt at 90% advertised performance and features but my business class router isn’t supported by dd-wrt.

      I’ve given up on Linksys and have stopped buying their crap. “It’s a sad day, I’ve used linksys for more than 10 years for everything, thats ended”
      I suggest you give up cut your losses and move on. I’ve lost thousands of dollars on the phone, and testing firmware that never fixes the problem. Yet they are still selling this crap today.

      As beeing banned goes just create a new account.

    • FYI I’ve been IP banned, can’t even login with a second account anymore.

      Good thing I’ve got tons of IPs to connect with.

      We’re sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.

      You have been banned for the following reason:

      User is banned indefinitely for flooding the forums with rants and bashing comments.

      Whats funny is the bashing and rants were on subject about the poor devices and crap linksys is selling to the public who doesn’t know better. If they tell the truth about your crap hardware just ban them.

      Maybe, just maybe linksys should fix their hardware and ISO software then we wont complain and have to bash this shit they sell!

  2. I find this funny. I have bought linksys products for years also. Got 350wrt and 1st one failed in 10 minutes after setup, shipped it back, woman on phone (India) I think was rude. Got replacement months later , took a while to connect this one to, no wireless signal at all. Called linksys, told them at this point send me something else, they have avoided responding. I think the higher organisation does not know what the rest of org. doing. I just have given up on linksys.

  3. Absolutely agree the Linksys 350WRTn is the least reliable piece of equipment I have ever owned or in fact come across, over a 25 year period working with technology! Will never go near them again.

    • I had $1000’s in linksys equipment all over the place and I’ve since moved everything to Dlink Xtreams or other devices. I even didn’t buy cisco for large firewalls this last go around. Cisco might not care their Linksys IOS sucks but I do and will not even do cisco now. I went with Sonicwalls instead and love them!

      I’ve had my last linksys, It’s also been since 2006 so 6 years later and I still get post about their quailty!

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