Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | August 18, 2008

Linksys WRT350 performance is lacking, reboots weekly to daily, Xbox port lockups. A year later still no patches or fireware updates.

Every week, some weeks everyday I have to reboot this router to get wireless access to connect correctly on Wireless G,B or N and also required when Xbox Live ports lockup. This is very common on these linksys devices. With 18,000,000 Xbox users you’d think Cisco could put some TLC into these products they keep telling us are good for business too.
Yeah right I want to buy a router that requires my clients to reboot it more then weekly! Cisco should be ashamed!
I’ve waited and waited for them to fix this product but nothing is being done. I had better performance with the WRT open source project then with Linksys’s own ISO. This is sad cisco please step up your quality and fix these poor product. A network router like this should NEVER need rebooted!!!
I’ve put up with this and waitws for more than a year! With no ISO updates or even an attempt to fix these performance issues. Yet the Forums are covered in complaints and poor performance reports.
Seems Linksys has lowered themselves to Dlink’s level of performance.
I don’t want a replacement it’s an ISO issue not hardware! Reboots shouldn’t solve a hardware problem this is just poor programming. The windows firewall never needs a reboot and it can handle all of the xbox ports without lockups, they can work on wireless none stop but yet your hardware box with it’s own ISO can’t stay online for more then a day or handle a UPNP Locked port without a reboot!
Maybe it’s time to replace your linksys router with an ISA server seems Microsoft can get the job done when Cisco can’t anymore.
There is no excuse for this! No, this is not a problem with your computer this is a failure in the Linksys OS in this box. If you can reboot (unplug/replug) in the device and everything starts to work then the device is locking up, this is a result of poor programming. I’ve had these problems for a year weekly to daily and still no fix.
If it’s new take it back and get something else. I hate and have had problems with D-Link too over the years I’d try Microsoft line of routers. Sad to say Linksys was the best before Cisco took them over, not sure why Cisco getting involved made the quality go down cisco’s branded firewall and router are some of the best. But their Linksys brand has failed horribly.
Xbox Live port lockups – weekly
Wireless doesn’t broadcast and isn’t connectabe, must reboot router to connect on B, G or N.
Poor pings and Wireless performance, I have a 15MB connect but this router typically can’t get  past 3MB wireless and 8MB wired. But I get 15MB without the router. open source project has worked flawlessly with no lockups or problems so far. Performance is much better and the features are amazing. I will be overwriting all of my Linksys boxes with dd-wrt ISO to solve these issues. Please donate to these guys and help them out as Linksys isn’t able to do the job.


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  2. sincere32, read the post my internal network is gigabyte and wireless-n and runs great, I can play and watch HDtv over media center from anywhere in the house with no problem or quality loss. My problems are related to the Linksys Router and it’s poor performance and quality.

    After install dd-wrt this was all fixed and saved the day! To bad linksys can’t do their jobs.

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