Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | May 12, 2008

Qwest support services SUCK!!!!!!

30 minutes later and 4 diffrent departments and people and I still can’t get to DNS support. After years and years of hosting just our DNS with qwest they’ve distroyed them in some upgrade they did. They didn’t contact us or anything our domain records are just gone, no MX, no www nothing!

Emails down, websites are down, sharepoint is down, and qwest can’t even get me to the right department within 30 minutes? YOU SUCK QWEST!!!! Update 3 hours!!! I gave up!

Your a phone company that can’t use your own phones!!!

 After 40 minutes they transfered me to Network Solutions which doesn’t host our DNS they are only the registrant! This is bullshit!!! So now I have to start over.


After 3 hours and 30,000 in lost services and money because of downtime, I’m removing all of my Qwest services and moving them to Network Solution who is the register and says they can have the dns up in 3 hours where qwest took 3 hours to just tell me the problem, one problem, and couldn’t tell me what department does DNS management.


3 weeks ago my personal business dsl was turned off for 1 week after Qwest promised it would be back on after an hour. A manager promised he’d have it all fixed. A week later it was still down, all of our email, websites everything including Direct Tv. We cancelled our Qwest and Direct TV accounts and had to pay $200 cancel fee with direct tv because of Qwest say anything do nothing customer service.

Direct tv was canceled because in december we did the combined billing where Qwest does the billing. Our TV was still off during that week as well because of qwest!!

I’m prety pissed off right now after hours and hours of bill shit!!!! so there will be lots of errors in spelling and english, deal with it!



  1. who do you call when you have dtv problems once bundled? qwest or dtv?

    • Qwest pays Directv.
      You have to deal directly with Qwest who has the worst support. Directv Quailty was great and service was good I’d say an 8. but Qwest is very poor.

      I once spent 3 hours in Qwest Support Hell just to find the DNS department. Only topped with a 4 day 49 person record with Dell Support because they canceled an order I’d placed for a desktop computer with ATI Wonder HD Digital Cable Cards. Turns out their deleted the sku number I placed the order with and created a new one before the order shipped. I talked to 15 people in each Dell Home and Home Office Departments of more than 10+ hours on the phone. 9 Handups, 40+ transfers, 13 forced transfers without cause. I spent 3 hours being helped buy a Dell Small Business Sales rep who was hungup on 3 times and transfered 7 and she works for Dell. She gave up after 3 hours.

      It took me 3 weeks, 10+ hours on the phone + lost work I’m self employeed and a lot of patience to pay them $1200 for a desktop computer.

      hmm, seems like I worked enough showing how poorly trained their staff is they should have paid me. They even told me I was lucky I was getting the price I did, no discount, no I’m sorry, no coupon for a free printer! If you work for Dell Corp I have some suggestions for you.

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