Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | April 24, 2008

Mesh and what it could mean for all you haters.

Wow, what haters,

I love it, I don’t need a computer for anything, my media center, xbox 360 full fill most of my needs, once I can just have a dumb client and everything is in the mesh the better. With other features like remote accessing a remote device is helpful. My windows mobile needs to be more connected and in sync with my information.  I hope and will suggest the Mesh network connects to my 3 Xbox 360’s to sync those files as well, soon we will have smart tv’s/media extenders and these should be connected to the mesh network. Seems like it has a lot of usages with 15mb cable bandwidth is becoming less of an issue to having all of my data in the mesh.

Please add Messanger to the mesh desktop so I don’t have to have it installed.

Everyone out there think how fast your computer would be if nothing was installed on it? If Office, Messanger, Files, Search and all other services are on my Mesh Desktop then my local desktop could have a solid state drive or flash drive to run games. No download times, no wait for video buffering…… I could go on.


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