Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | April 2, 2008

Ad supported Restaurant? Why not? Works for websites?

Ad Companies change your thought process and open up your market. Let’s create a new medium to communicate with customers.

With food costs going up I would like to see an Ad Supported Restaurant but with quality inexpensive or even free food. Why not start using the enormous amounts of Ad revenue out there by using Taco Bell, 19″ Flat touch screen or Microsoft Tabletop running no sound Visual Ad’s which pay for your food and service. I would even highly support a Billy Mayes infomercial restaurant where you could see Mighty Putty in action and take it home right there. Most people would love to try it and would buy it if they saw it work in person. How about Active On which plays all over Fox News and Redeye at nights. I would bet they could sell amazing amounts of Active On if you could try it. How many people have headaches during business lunches or with the kids after a long day? This stuff would sell out. An Ad supported restaurant could lower the price of food a large amount and help the business bring new customers in mass. Could you imagine if Taco Bell started using Ad Support in their restaurants? Why can’t we have a $.25 taco, in the same way think of the help this could be to hurting families, homeless, collage and high schoolers without Big Government doing anything. We need to start working together to solve these problems and help each other out away from Big Government. Why not Ad supported free Health Care Providers? Just because people don’t have tons of money doesn’t mean they aren’t still spending the money they do have. We need to meet the people and customers in a personal way, focused Ad based on the things people need to know and need to have.  No more Government, socialized medicine is not the American way and is not healthy for our Country just look at Social Security and our schools let’s fix the last idea the Dem’s had before we start a new one.

These don’t always have to be products to sell. How about telling people about HDTV and how to get their converter boxes maybe even fill out the form right there. The Government is spending amazing amounts of money to tell you and everyone in America about the HDTV turn over but it’s all going to ABC, CBS and so on. Why can’t it feed us at the same time it’s almost Wal-Mart stupid to not feed people with all this money while employing millions more? If we don’t have to spend so much of our money on food then we could buy a lot more from the companies who advertise. 

Everyone complains about not being able to reach the customers and communicate to them other than TV Ads then let’s change it. Only we are standing in the way of fixing these problems.A site down restaurant could justify the cost of buying the touch screens or tabletop for each table by having the customer order using the tabletop screen less staffing needs faster turnaround. I know what I want to order everywhere I go. If we control the Ad’s and make them personal and pleasant to watch this could change who pays for everything while giving access to a large number of untouched customers in every walk of life and status. With a touch screen customers could also answer questions like who are you going to vote for? Giving us direct access to customers better than anything Google has ever dreamed of.  One on one easy to use, maybe ask some trivial questions to support other surveys. I think it could easily be made entertaining. Do you think it could work? Would you go if you could feed the whole family for $5? Would a restaurant where you could see a product work like Active On or Might Putty effect your buying habits related to these types of products?Would you go to an Ad supported Health Care Provider, would you feel more entertained why you wait by watching TV anyways? Do you think it’s time cost go down and customers stop paying for everything related to food, gas, services but get TV almost free. I would pay more for low to no Ad TV if I could get my food free by watching Ads.We need to change our thought process to how can we provide free food to every and any American by charging more for Entertainment, and letting the Corporations fight over our money this will give us the best products.Instead of entertaining the customer with TV while advertising to them feed them while Advertising to them. A full customer is the happiest customer. Where do people go when they leave the TV it’s to get FOOD.


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