Posted by: Jeremy Benisek (CyberAxe) Don't Panic Business Technologies | March 31, 2008

Why doesn’t Microsoft and Xbox Live listen to us?

Who do we ask or suggest to for Xbox Dashboard/Live changes or features? Where can we request something like Sony’s Virtual Home but with Gamer Points as the control of what you can have or where you can live. I love gamer points and Xbox live, but there’s no social place to meet like a virtual House or Pub and no way to flaunt your Massive XBOX live Gamer Points trophys, golden weapons. It’s a real Gold mind your missing out on and as a customer I feel a void.

Same thing with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 we still can’t meet in a virtual 3D room with my character in his Best Dress uniform before battle with medals all a show, why not? It’s almost Walmart stupid to have all this 3D power but still force us in to a 2D box when waiting for a game to start, chatting or meeting with friends which we still can’t do on Xbox Live without being in a game. I expect Xbox Live to push these companies out of the 2D world and in to the 3D one. How long do we wait and wait for people to join a game or room. Let us be in 3D and run around or target shoot, trap shoot you would make us all so very happy. We own 4 Xboxes and have talked countless people in to buying them but we still can’t meet virtually with them in a nice virtual Star Bucks, I bet they’d pay a ton to be a virtual location for Xbox Live. Ad supported would make it easy even if the max users was 8 but why couldn’t you do more?

 Anyone who wants to make this ourselves please let me know.


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