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If u have an android device make sure its fully updated now. There are massive security issues with non upgraded devices. If not now when.

Posted by: jbenisek | September 27, 2013

Wait on iPHONE iPAD iOS7 upgrade

I’ve heard alot of complaints about iOS7 I suggest everyone wait for a few week for them to clean up issues before u upgrade.

massive battery drain.


With so many scams and social hacks out there it’s important to ask questions, verify information and talk to your fellow employees. It’s ok to ask the IT Department if this person should be here or not.

It’s not difficult to get a uniform and act like a blue collar worker so please don’t trust everyone coming in the door saying “Hey I’m from… Its critical I fix this… They said your losing money…”

Verify they should be there and were requested. Setup standards, whoever runs the service doors or front door should have a “who’s visiting today list” make sure to notify these people to service calls in advance, who’s coming and why, where they should and shouldn’t be!

The only defense to a “can make up anything attack” is to inform your staff and make sure they understand it’s ok to ask questions and verify. If they start saying I don’t know… and playing dumb something’s wrong. This is an exclusive party, your on the list or you don’t get in.

Never leave service staff alone! If they ask you to get some water for them have another employee get it, you should stay with them the entire time they are there. Most serviceable areas are server rooms, it only takes a second to insert a USB drive and that’s it. You might not ever even know it happened.

It’s locked is NEVER an acceptable excuse! A large amount of locks are pick able in seconds so do not be cheap on your security equipment.

If you use sign-in sheets and you should then verify the information in real-time. Be proactive. Ask for supervisor’s contact info on the sign-in form.

The delay of you verifying is worth the liability and possible loss of 10′s if not 100′s of thousands of dollars due to very simple oversights in security.

Some Q/A

  • Q. Do you have competition? A. Who doesn’t!
  • Q. Would they benefit from your customer lists? A. Yes
  • Q. What if your server “crashed”? But I use a external backup drive…? A. which is next to the server right?
  • Q. But they wouldn’t do something like that… A. How much money is on the line?
  • Q. Have you ever fired or laid anyone off? A. Who hasn’t. Were they happy about it? Do they know your lack of security?
  • Q. Have you angered a customer? A. Hope not because the tools for revenge are fierce these days.

If you don’t respect your customers because it’s good business you should respect them because they could cause you a world of trouble. In an age where 10 year olds can get their hands on virus’ and all manners of scripts you should control your staff, educate them and empower them to make decisions and verify first.

Their are people on this planet that will destroy your servers just because they can, you must take responsible actions to protection your physical and virtual security.


Also included in this is phone call and information release policy. Someone calling for the owners Full name, birthday and mother maiden name might raise alerts from some staff but what if it’s done one call at a time to different staff members. You should give out any information unless you verify. The information approved by marketing and legal should already be public on the company website and can be access there. Otherwise all requests for information should be in writing or by email. This way there is a trail and at least some process and chance to stop or prevent. It’s much easier to call and ask questions rather than coming in the office.

Here’s an example. Your staff gets a call from the owners Veterinarian office needing to get the name of the pet due to a computer error. The staffs more than happy to suggest a few different names they think it might be. This then can be used to recover the owners passwords on a range of websites.

This is also a good reason why when filling out password recovery questions you shouldn’t use facts or real information. Make up a set of standard security answers that only you know. Security Pets name, a Security Birthday, a Security favorite food. You should never use any information anyone would or could find out.

Never use Madden names or parents names. Under the Freedom of information act most government records are public it’s critical in this age of instant information you DO NOT USE facts for secret questions or passwords!


I hope this helps, please review, rate and share with your co-workers. I can provide consulting and training to staff as needed. Please be sure to visit my website for more information related to business costs and technology related issues.



I recently had a client want to move away from Qwest/Centurylink services which had been using for years of a pop3 account which wasn’t secure! I got him setup with a Office 365 account and went to export the email and content from his email software which was SeaMonkey. To my dismay their were no good options to export email from one program to the other at least free. Also the paid options seemed somewhat scamy.

If you setup a free Office 365 trial account

DONT PANIC BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services for you to try.

Review your customized collection here:

This trial invitation includes:
- 10 user licenses Office 365 Small Business Premium Trial


Once you’ve setup your account (You don’t need a custom domain if you don’t want one)

  1. Login to Outlook Web Access at then click the gear and options.
  2. At the bottom of the account/My Account screen is Settings for POP or IMAP access… Click this link
  3. Copy your IMAP settings they might be like these. Server name: Port: 993 Encryption method: SSL
  4. Take these settings to SeaMonkey and setup a new account IMAP, with these address for incoming (or yours)
  5. Make sure to set the Connection security in SeaMonkey to SSL
  6. Set the outgoing SMTP Server name: Port: 587 Encryption method: TLS
  7. You might be asked for your outgoing username and password. It’s always ( or and your email password for Office 365.
  8. Open a folder like Inbox in SeaMonkey in your old account, select a number of email (less than 100) and move to your Office 365 Inbox.
  9. Repeat for all folders and email. You can replicate the folders paths by creating the folder in the Office 365 account.
  10. Once finished allow SeaMonkey to sync all data then disconnect both accounts.
  11. You can verify this process in real-time by opening the Outlook Web Portal and watching the folder as the data is moved over.
  12. As for Contacts and other content that’s another post.

Hope this helps. Please comment if this helps you and please write a review and rate my company at

Remember this just saved you $20.

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The age of self healing and modular repairs

As I was thinking about space travel and our current throw away generation I wanted to make a plea with the next generation to focus on self healing and modular repairs.

From cameras to devices of all kinds resources and the knowledge to repair, and mass ability to manufacture may not always be so abundant for example the coming space age. I long for devices that are easily repaired by removing the damaged part and replacing. Or upgraded by module instead of billions of dead outdated useless devices. How long can we keep this up?

Don’t Panic Business Technologies, Redstone Veterinary Hospital, All Seasons Rentals and the Artist’s Haven are excited to release the GJHS, MCVSD51 Mobile Application for Android devices today. Grand Junction High School mobile application can be downloaded now from Google Play store or by clicking here. To virtually use or try the app before install (Requires HTML5 browser IE9+, Chrome or Firefox)



Application Information and Features

Created by Don’t Panic Business Technologies.

GJHS, MCVSD51 is presented by Don’t Panic Business Technologies in Mesa County, Colorado as a service to the community. The Application is paid for by donations, sponsorship and Ads.
MCVSD51 family of Apps were created to bridge and aggregate the multiple sources of information available to students, parents and teachers into one easy and simple empowering application. GJHS Mobile App makes accessing resources easy from any device.

Some provided features:
Updates from GJHS Calendar, O&B Student News, GJ City News
Year Calendar
Bell Schedule
Facebook Feeds from MCVSD51, D51 Community, D51 Foundation
Parent Bridge
Report It (Report abuse, bullies, crime, waste by name or anonymous)
Emergency District Information
Call Attendance (Click to Dial)
GJHS Newsletters
Staff Contacts
School Handbook
About Us – GJHS
About District 51 Information
Parking Map
Locker Map
Pride Map
D51 Facebook Events
About D51 Foundation Information
Orange & Black Student News
District Directory
Mesa County Public Library Mobile
Resources (Supply list, lunch schedule…)
App Information

Please rate and review the application and give us feedback on how we can make it better. Please support our sponsors and tell them you saw the new mobile app.

Versions of the applications for Apple and Amazon are in review and coming soon.

Here are some Screen shots and more visuals.

Sponsor-ArtistHaven-Icon-white Sponsor-asr-Icon-white Sponsor-Redstone-Icon-white


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Optimum West sign-in problems with charter

Internet Rules of Social protocols – Texting Late/Early
I often find myself working late at night, sometimes like now I’m working at 2am. I often want to make appointments, send/share news updates with people for the next day which they are currently charging up for (sleeping). My preferred method of communications is text messages. It’s common practice and clear Social protocol not to voice call during off peak hours. However, texting social protocols aren’t so clear. For example I need to schedule time with a Tech nephew to build some old servers tomorrow and need to alert his parents of my desired last minute scheduling before they start their day. This can only be achieved by having the message waiting on their phone when they get up. However, the question now becomes does the sending of the message wake them up or violate a Social protocol. I often feel I need to queue up information for people for the next day and find text as the best option.

Oddly I feel like I’m violating less of the Social protocol by sending last/early facebook messages vs. text messages. I guess because it takes one more step to connect your Facebook to Text/Mobile I feel it’s your fault if it wakes you up.

My Question to you is What do you feel is the Social protocol for Texting/Facebook Messaging Late/Early. Is it the Phone owners responsibility to turn off notifications late at night? Or should Text Messages be treated as Voice Messages.

I clearly do not except a reply but I will be asleep when it would be more social appropriate to contact them. Also as we become more International does this also change things?

For months I’ve been unable to sync my Lumia 820 Windows Mobile Phone 8 with my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit computer. I’ve tried everything. I even reloaded my PC to Windows 8.1 Preview. But it was only after plugged out my micro SD card that this error went away!

“You phone isn’t playing nice with Windows. A reboot should fix it….”

I had a 8GB micro SD card which seemed to cause this error! I’m not sure how many people are having this issue to comment below if you too are. Pull out the SD card and everything will work correctly!


Don't Panic Logo

Don’t Panic Logo

After only a few minutes on Windows 8.1 maybe even a few clicks I have been so much happier. The start screen feels and looks better, with transparence it’s great. The Smaller and larger Metro blocks are perfect. My Windows Mobile phone 8 and W8.1 look alike and feel much better. I needed to reinstall my apps and thought this would be a nightmare but MS had me covered. I easily selected from the store all the apps I already had installed and then excluded a few I didn’t want to install here. They then automated the installs. It was easy and just where I thought it should be. The Start screen all apps options in startup are great (Bottom up). I love the maturity Microsoft is bring to the OS and happy my angry complaints got to someone who cared.

I’ve used W8 from day one during beta/preview and I’ve hated parts and loved parts. After the last few months I’m very happy to see the changes MS is making. With Windows 8.1 I’d suggest everyone move to W8 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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