There is a nasty bug going around, it looks like it comes from a Adobe Flash update prompt, please do not click these. Once the program is installed over the next few days it will install 10-30 more programs and browser the internet with a hidden browser. One system had 100’s of hidden browser windows going for days.

Only do flash updates if instructed by your IT Staff or if something’s not working.

Posted by: jbenisek | July 4, 2014

doc prescribes cure for Charter Internet ills

doc prescribes cure for Charter Internet ills.

Event ID 372: The document failed to print
The client printer shows up on Windows 2008 R2 but can’t print

The client printer shows up on Windows 2008 R2 but can’t print

Situation: The client installed TS on their DC running on Windows 2008 R2. After that the remote clients using RDC can’t send print job to the printer connecting to remote computer. The printer redirection works fine and we can see them, but when we try to send the print job, it doesn’t print. The Event Viewer also logs this message:

Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Admin
Source: Microsoft-Windows-PrintService
Event ID: 372
Task Category: Printing a document
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic Spooler Event,Document Print Job
User: chicagotech.local\blin

The document Untitled – Notepad, owned by blin, failed to print on printer 041hp4050 (redirected 4). Try to print the document again, or restart the print spooler.
Data type: RAW. Size of the spool file in bytes: 23044. Number of bytes printed: 0. Total number of pages in the document: 1. Number of pages printed: 0. Client computer: \\laptop. Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 5. Access is denied.

Troubleshooting: It is not recommended to install Terminal Services on a Domain Controller for the security reason. For many small business, they don’t have choice, the resolution is using cacls command to assign permission to spool by following these steps:

1. Click Start, search for cmd.exe

2. Right click on cmd.exe

3. Click on ‘Run as Administrator’

4. Type “C:\” w/o the quotation marks and then Press Enter.

5. Type CD\Windows\System32\Spool and then Press Enter.

6. Type Cacls.exe PRINTERS /e /g users:C and then Press Enter.

7. Restart the computer (I didn’t have to reboot)

I’m still seeing RDP used on servers and desktops and it’s not safe! RDP get brute forced on Administrator account in days. Please close these firewall ports and use LogMeIn or some other more secure solution.

Most people don’t know there’s being brute forced until it’s way too late! Check your event logs on your servers, desktops and firewalls to see china is trying to get in. If you leave RDP open 24/7 and don’t monitor these logs, you’re most likely already infected.

Make sure to use Spiceworks and Hitman Pro to verify you’re not!


Found out that we’ll have to pay $5 to pay your bill over the phone with a real person. This added fee will be coming soon for Mountain states, and its my understanding already exists in other states.

This is for residential accounts. I asked about business accounts but didn’t get a clear answer.

This is something Optimum, nor Bresnan charged.

Since the Bresnan office is often very busy and under staffed the automated systems your only option. Good luck.

Another example why we need a option that’s more of a utility. Read More…

Suggest problem with healthcare: The current system with 40 million uninsured

Healthcare of the uninsured visiting ERs and not doing preventative care before it’s extremely expensive and paid for by the medical industry and/or tax payers. The overall costs of uninsured and insured healthcare is too expensive. The quality of healthcare is too low for many areas of the county.

Suggest Solution: Obama care or any other insurance based solution

By providing everyone health insurance people will go to their family doctor before they get really sick saving the medical industry and tax payers lots of money while raising the quality of life for everyone involved. 

Suggested outcome:

  • Quality of life goes up for those with insurance
  • Quality of life goes up for those without insurance
  • Obesity rates drop because responsible information and help is available to everyone
  • Plus many other promises…


A real world story to learn from:

I have a friend in his late 20’s in the low to no income part of the 40 million without private insurance he and his family are on state finical aid. He is unemployed due to extreme obesity which causes health related issues.

More than a week ago he said he wasn’t feeling well and was sick, I didn’t think anything of it until I went to a party with him a few days ago and the next day I and 4 other people were sick too.  After a day of feeling bad I went to the health department and spent $20 to get tested for strep. It was positive, I was advised to stay home and away from people which I did. I’m a self employed technologist in my 30’s without health insurance. I’m in good shape and typically healthy.

Because I got sick I alerted everyone at the party to get tested if they didn’t fell well. Including my friend.

He’s response is why I’m writing this post. “I’ll probable go to the ER” – He said.

Even though he has state healthcare free, state financial aid free, and there’s nothing collections can do to him.. It still took him 2 weeks to go to the doctor and then it was the ER. This proved to me that the real world problem is life style not access to healthcare or health insurance.

How I see the problem:

Lifestyle is the problem not access to healthcare of health insurance. No amount of information or free services has changed this life style in a real world example. Access to Health insurance did not get him out walking or taking better care of himself. Government propaganda Ads on media outlets didn’t help him or change his life style.

Why aren’t we changing life styles with Health insurance:

  • ERs have no way to hold patients accountably to change – ER wins
  • The urgency and care shown at an ER is much higher than a family doctors office – ER wins
  • The ER is often faster and more professional in most areas. – ER wins
  • There is a lot less condemnation from seeing a ER Doctor once than a family doctor that can hold you accountable. – ER wins
  • ER is open all hours – ER wins
  • Family doctor is more personable and can be more friendly but not always – Tie
  • A lot of family doctors aren’t taking new patient and will not take chronic pain patients at all – ER wins
  • There are so many more I’m not going to list

How I see the solution:

Until tough love is introduced  and we change the incentives for going to an ER and have a real conversation. When we start talking about life style and why he didn’t go to the doctor the 2nd day he was sick, why he went out in public sick, we will not solve anything. We must address the incentives, life style changes and solve the depression and self neglect that comes with these poor choices. We must lift the self worth and values in this process or the loop will just start over.


On 6/5, 65 Things We Know About NSA Surveillance That We Didn’t Know a Year Ago

It’s been one year since the Guardian first published the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, that demonstrated that the NSA was conducting dragnet surveillance on millions of innocent people. Since then, the onslaught of disturbing revelations, from disclosures, admissions from government officials, Freedom of Information Act requests, and lawsuits, has been nonstop. On the anniversary of that first leak, here are 65 things we know about NSA spying that we did not know a year ago:


Click link for list

Source: EFF.org https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/06/65-65-things-we-know-about-nsa-surveillance-we-didnt-know-year-ago

I’m sitting on my couch sick with strep, enjoying a show with my daughter on xbox, on a tv with no voting, pause or skip options. When these psychological abusive anti-smoking Ads keep playing over and over! The ends do not justify the means and using direct intend to cause metal and emotional pain to my child or myself is the definition of psychological abuse it’s illegal, unethical and immoral!

Someone pulling their tooth out or skin off in an AD is horror and terror brought to us by our government. This is a free Country and to place these types of Ads on a PAID or public SERVICE forced on my family over someone’s legal personal choices isn’t acceptable. Just like running Ads on anit-gay, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-pot, anti-free media isn’t acceptable!

Give us a choice to exclude these ABUSIVE videos from my Hulu Plus account or remove them! This is my second complaint about Ads on Hulu and will be my last. Over the last 100 years from woman’s rights to vote, blacks status as humans, personal freedoms like beer and hemp to spying and wars the media as been used to spread these lies. Regardless of these Ads are valid they are unacceptable in this media or discussion.

Why would a corporation like Hulu take the risk of getting in the middle? As a father I feel this is a fight worth having do you? My respect for Hulu will be based on the out come of this experience. As yourself does this ad cause stress, anxiety. If you were a smoker would you withdraw from social event where these Ads were played?

For your records I as an American born customer can say Yes they do cause me stress. To the point I had to do something and write this letter. It shouldn’t matter but I’m not a smoker!

Defined: psychological abuse
Emotional abuse, mental abuse A form of mistreatment in which there is intent to cause mental or emotional pain or injury; PA includes verbal aggression, statements intended to humiliate or infantilize, insults, threats of abandonment or institutionalization; PA results in stress, social withdrawal, long-term or recalcitrant depression, anxiety

Source: McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Psychological+abuse


I found out recently that everyone who’s been paying for 30/5 boost from Optimum now Charter is paying $15/month for nothing! Recently EVERYONE was made 30/5 boost due to problems with VoIP, but their not going to tell you your over paying. You must call in! This applies to business and residential, I personally suggest everyone ask for a refund for at least this month which I was able to get.

With on going problems from the “cut over” and “secrets” like these I’m very disappointed and worried about the performance and quality of business from Charter! I, as a residential customer just today received my Final Notice of changes which was days after it happened! I assume this is due to the holiday and poor planning! If Optimum and Charter would stop sending so many ADS weekly the important messages might be read! There was NO note on my bill. Most of my business clients are still trying to get their voicemail *99 (If that doesn’t work call CHARTER ASAP), account numbers, voicemail passwords and fax services working correctly! There’s also the need to call in and update your authorized users which needs to be done ASAP. It’s my understanding this information plus account notes weren’t transferred over. How this was approved by those who regulate these transactions to happen this way is interesting and should be explained.

Isn’t it time we allow competition in the cable industry and give consumers options? The choice between the two evils of charter or century link isn’t acceptable and their control over our access to news, information and our access to the internet needs to stop! Why this abuse has been allowed for so long even satire South Park has to make an episode is absurd!

I should note Charter was more than happy to inform me in my last paper bill that I’m paying someone else too much for Anti-virus and I should instead download Charter Security Suite which will protect your computer from viruses, hackers and spam! Good luck with that! It’s also my understanding Optimum account numbers and email account are going away call and get those changed!

SPAM Alert

The fine print in the new How we use your information’s last page says you have 30 days to notify Charter you don’t want your information used for Marketing! I’d suggest you opt-out, there is also an option to opt-out of other automated Notifications you must turn off. You are automatically included unless you deal with these.

To automatically spam your customers unless they opt-out shouldn’t be allowed! I normally wouldn’t call this spam but the amount of 3rd party and direct marketing, ads, flyers, postal mail, online ads, tv, ads, radio ads… There are only two options yet I receive ads weekly most the time for service I already have so it’s just wasted marketing money making customer frustrated but no where to go. why?




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